Making aluminum jewelery by yourself – Custom design DIY jewelry

Workpiece:Aluminum jewelry / brooches, pendants, necklaces, key rings, bracelets
Material:Aluminium / Aluminium sheets
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine and accessoriesHigh-Z router, cutter
Used softwareConstruCAM 3D

Jewelry made of aluminum – Company “Hals über Kopf” can do it!

Listen to who is still hammering and milling

If you go to Ratingen, Germany, late in the evening, it can be that there is still someone diligently working. Ms. Gutzki, owner of the jewelery design shop “Hals über Kopf”, hammeres, grinds and milles – aluminum. Her passion: The design and manufacture of individual aluminum jewelery.

When design professionals design aluminum jewelry

Mrs. Gutzki’s passion for designing the jewelery itself pays off. The specially crafted aluminum jewelery is offered primarily on artisan markets and in the shop by DaWanda and presented to a wide audience online. Through their Facebook page, the Gutzkis also have only positive resonances to their aluminum jewelery pieces. This is the result of a creative vein, which, thanks to the idea of being able to change and combine the colors in the pieces of jewelry as desired, allows the jewelery bearer or carriers still room for their own creativity.

The high-Z S-720 milling machine makes it possible

With the High-Z S-720 CNC milling machine, most parts are milled from aluminum and drilled. Aluminum material is used in sheet thicknesses of up to 5mm. As a result, the aluminum sheets have to be tough and bendable, which makes the milling process somewhat more difficult. A spray cooler must be used here in order not to block the chip flutes of the small cutters of 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm and to ensure a constant chip flow.

Aluminum jewelry: color change very easy. Whether colorful or plain

Most of the jewelery pieces are created in such a way that the customer can decide for himself which color is to be worn today in the center of the noble bright shining aluminum jewelery. Likewise, one can not only switch between the colors arbitrarily and freely back and forth, also the materials can basically be choosen. And if you wear a green artificial fur on the hood of your jacket you can wear it in your hairclips or as an inlay in your necklace.

Aluminum jewelry – Necklaces, Pendants, Brooches, Bracelets …..

Aluminum hairclips

In the gallery on the right, we show a small excerpt from the considerable range of the company “Hals über Kopf”. We like the production of the aluminum hair clip especially,because it is characterized by its simple elegance. And with the change function, this hair clip is far from being just “fashion jewelry”. There are aluminum hair clips with dyed cow skin, with felted felt or artificial fur. Super chic and timeless elegant.

Necklace with pendant in aluminum

In the various necklaces of all the products, the customer can also choose between plain or colorful. Here Mrs. Gutzki has anchored both geometric shapes in design as well as floral ones. Flowers are found in the Pendants as design Elements, as well as fused circles . And thanks to the free color selection, any aluminum necklace with pendant can be worn on any occasion.

Pendant with optional text

In the case of pendants and some other jewelery, the customer can even have an individual text engraved. A gift idea can hardly be more personal. There are no limits to the imagination. No matter whether you love words, sayings, rhymes or just THANK YOU. Individuality is just trump.

Bracelet made of aluminum

Since a jewelery collection also includes aluminum bracelets, these are also created and produced. Just have a look at the Facebook page to get more impressions. There are even more beautiful bangles, necklaces and brooches, key rings, etc. You will find aluminum jewelery from our own production on the Facebook page of the company “Hals über Kopf”

Exchangeable brooches – Exchangeable pendants – Key rings

The word “change” has a high priority for Mrs. Gutzki and her jewelery creations. So some jewelery pieces are designed so that the wearer can decide whether to insert a leather inlay in blue or today a black inlay of felt in the aluminum brooch or the pendant.

The key chain for cat lovers and dog lovers are very special because of the cute pretty designs and grant certainly a lot of fun for pet owners.

Thank you for the insight and the use of the pictures

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the use of the pictures, as we have unfortunately not yet been able to meet a CNC machine user who uses our machines for the production of jewelry, although there will certainly be quite a few. We wish the family Gutzki a lot of success at all exhibitions and jewelery fairs and many new ideas for further jewelery.

Also possible made of gold, stainless steel or silver

At this point, it should also be mentioned that with the correctly selected cutters everything could also be made of copper, silver or stainless steel. Even smaller and far more filigree. On the subject of 3D jewelery, there will be more information in the foreseeable future.