Sport bow / Recurve bow making

Milling sporting bow and recurve bow with an cnc router machine

3D milling is still the pinnacle when it comes to milling. The 3-axis machining with 4-axis milling, it is probably the most interesting subject when it comes to milling with a CNC machine.

Here in this particular case, let us turn to the bow making. As so often sport bows were formerly manufactured by hand. The process was time-consuming and complicated when different woods had to be glued to each other.

This subject, regarding sport bows, the company Falkenholz has made to their specialty.

3D milling bows / Recurve Bow / Making Recurve Bows

The company Falkenholz bow making produces individual recurve bows or sport bows for a wide sportive oriented global audience, with great success.

Countless different types of wood for the production of an recurve bow

When 3D milling your sport bows the choice of material for making bows, probably comes first. Thus, the company manufactures not only produce bows out of Makassar, Zirikote, birdseye maple and Limba heartwood or Vavona. Even native varieties, such as poplar, sycamore and yew, are ideally suited for manufacturing a sports bow.

The software generates the file for 3D milling

The raw data (STL files) for sport bows were created in a 3D CAD software. Then the stl files are converted into a millable DIN ISO file using the software DeskProto (supporting a fourth axis), which is finally processed by the CAM software WinPC-NC and is transferred as G code milling file to the CNC machine, which then processes the workpiece.

Essential individuality in bowmaking

Information on the 3D milled sport bows and the company Falkenhorst Bow Making

A bow, so individual as you! (Advertising slogan Company Falkenholz)

Each Falkenholz bow is made of precious woods. The natural wood grain and the different combinations of wood make each bow individual and unique. The luxurious materials, the timeless and sporty design, as well as the absolute quality workmanship, are the basis for a sport bow which is almost too noble to be used only in competition.

FALKENHOLZ BOW DESIGN offers with its versatile product range a variety of different gripping pieces as RH and LH variant of the following bow categories:

  1. Take Down Recurve
  2. Longbow
  3. One Piece Recurve

Additional categories are currently in development! Of course, you can order a perfectly shaped to your hand grip from Falkenholz.

Bow Making Video on 3D milling sporting bows