Metal milling

Important hint: It is possible to machine hard materials but only with low traverse speed and maximum feed motion of 2 or 3mm/sec. We counsel to use always an appropriate cooling tool for machining of aluminium, brass and steel ( control cabinets, cases etc. ) in order to minimize milling forces.

Material:Metals: stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, etc.
Application type:2D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S720, VHM stainless steel cutter 3mm & 4mm, coated steel cutter 3mm
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Milling examples in brass

Metal milling Brass: You can work with our cnc routers on brass as well as on soft materials.

Depth of milling and feed motion speed are certainly lower than in soft materials.

This 1 mm thick brass plate was treated with a 1,2mm spiral- toothed router. The feed motion came to 3mm/ sec with a spindle turn of approx. 1000 turns per min.

Examples for cnc milling on high-grade stainless steel, V2A

Due to its very stable construction, the High-Z CNC portal milling machine can even drill (limited to its cutting depth) high-grade steel, like V2A. It is no problem to engrave this material. Above example shows the cutting of a 1 mm strong stainless steel panel. It is certainly possible to also produce 3D items on steel and high-grade steel with appropriate applications.

Such ability at this price can only be obtained by the original High-Z machine due to the utmost accuracy in compiling mechanical components of the unit. Try this with one of the competing machines!