Customer Statements – Michel Claas

Customers’ opinion about products of competitors or dubious “E-Bay offerers”


Last Monday I was at your company for a presentation, which was clear and impressive. We talked about how I could use such a machine for our purposes. I really enjoyed this presentation!

On Wednesday I went to another presentation, this time for a BZT machine. Luckily it was held in Dutch, but there was no possibility for me to ask any questions during the presentation. The demonstrator showed us only once how to use CorelDraw. He was only able to explain how to illustrate something with the WIN PCNC software and how to compile an inquiry. Actually I only had a quick look at the machine and this left many questions open …

I herewith would like to order the same package as used for the S1000. In case your offer convinces me, I would also like to order the machine and pick it up in approx. 10 to 14 days. I assume that questions will arise as soon as we start to produce our foam parts. I don’t need any crap and a demonstrator, who presents something he hasn’t got a clue about (that was my impression during the BTZ presentation).

I am sending you my best wishes from Holland,
Michel Claas