Milling control cabinets

Werkstück:Control Cabinets
Anwendungsart:2D milling
Verwendete Maschine & Zubehör:High-Z router, coated milling cutter, solid carbid milling cutter 3mm & 4mm
Verwendete Software:ConstruCAM-3D

Milling electrical cabinets

Using a CNC router with open frame for machining electrical cabinets

Machining big objects like control cabinets with the High-Z CNC router you will understand why so many customers appreciate the flexibility of the machine. Due to open-frame design, the High-Z can mill bulky workpieces as comfortable as flat materials. Just place the CNC machine above the control cabinet, select the milling paths or drilling template in ConstruCAM-3D and get started.

Milling cut-outs and drilling holes

The High-Z is the perfect CNC router to mill cut-outs and to drill holes into a control cabinet, for example, to attach nameplates or connections to the enclosure. The milling machine executes every work step with an excellent positioning accuracy. Make D-Sub cut-throughs in control cabinets in less than 3 minutes. We at CNC-STEP machine our control cabinets with the High-Z as well using the open frame construction.

At the top of this page, we show a milled cut-out into a D-Sub control cabinet. You can see the High-Z S720/T with an underframe as an additional accessory for this special application. The control cabinet is made of powder-coated sheet steel. This is thin steel indeed but, but we use a coated solid steel milling cutter to obtain a result free of burrs. We use spray cooling as well to protect the milling cutter from the friction head which could make the tool useless. Generally, we recommend applying a spray cooling when machining steel. A little bit of water or drilling fluid is cheaper than the wear of the machining tools.

Machining front panels

CNC operators who machine their control cabinets themselves could also be interested in making front panels on the High-Z router. Front panels are faceplates which are often made of aluminium or sheet steel. The panels have cut-outs for switches and control lamps. Milling the cut-outs works exceedingly accurate on the High-Z router. Moreover, you can label the front panel by engraving in the same working process.