Milling & cutting foam

Workpiece:Shadowboard / toolbox inlay / tool inserts
MaterialPU foam
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z S400,cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Processing foam

Milling foam

The milling of foams with our CNC machines is generally not a problem. Only a few small things have to be taken into consideration during the foam processing. It is usually not easy to avoid that loose strips, , do not wrap around the milling cutter during the milling process(also shown in our small video of our reseller from Austria). Precautionary care should be taken here to ensure that the milling paths are largely overlapping and really neat chips are produced. For this purpose it is absolutely necessary to have a super-sharp cutter!

HSC milling PU foam

Foam processing by milling is best done with our machines in the HSC speed range. The HSC milling (high – speed milling) requires an extremely sharp milling cutter and a machine which is at able to implement these speeds in a precise manner! The High-Z of the T series is predestined for this purpose.

Examples of milling foam – Shadowboards

Shadowboard - Schaumstoff Einsatz Werkzeuge

Shadowboard – Schaumstoff Einsatz Werkzeuge

Here, we will show you some examples in form of pictures and videos of customers showing the processing of foams. For example, for shadowboards! The foam processing is relatively easy because you can do without a cooling system completely. However, not all foam types can be machined with the milling machine, since some are simply too soft.

Milling no – cutting yes

In these cases, however, the material can also be comfortably cut. A report is being developed and will be published here in the section CNC cutting.

Process foam with all machines

All machines in our assortmentare suitable for milling foam. The best choice here is the High-Z-T series and the T-Rex.