Glasses frames made of Wood

Workpiece:Wooden glassses
Materialhorn, plywood, veneer
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine & accessories:High-Z Router, 3D milling cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Milling glasses frames made of horn and plywood

The eyewear manufacturer Lauer from Frankfurt relies entirely on individuality and top quality in the production of their eyeglasses, eyeglass frames and eyeglass temples. Only high-tech materials are used such as special plywood, wood veneers and genuine horn ar – buffalo horn.

Milling glasses frames of plywood and wood veneer

Milling glasses frames – individualists welcome!

The glasses are all unique. Here the customerdetermines design. The choice of the shape is almost endless: The company Lauer manufactures half-glasses, oval eyeglasses, round spectacles and forms such as Vintage, Classic and Panto with the CNC milling machine S-400 / T . It is always on the ensured that the Wooden glasses with their horn temples are in perfect harmony with the head shape of the customer.

As each horn has an individual grain and drawing none is similar to the other. From white to brown to black, all shades are available and can be combined.

High – Tech for the perfect fit of eyeglasses

To ensure a perfect fit of Wooden glasses and horn-rimmed glasses, the company Lauer, has latest high-tech technologies. Thanks to a special software the spectacles are exactly matched with photographs of the head. A high wearing comfort is ensured for the customer.In addition, the eyeglass milling is done cnc controlled, so that a perfect fitting of the frames and temples is guaranteed here.

The advantages of the eyeglasses:

  1. Extremely light and robust
  2. Characterized by excellent wearing comfort
  3. Perfect anatomical fit on the nose by manual adjustment 3D
  4. Individuality through natural color structures
  5. Very kind to the skin – through natural substances suitable for allergy sufferers
  6. Fully recyclable

Using a CNC machine to succeed / finding market niches

The free design of the frame within the CAD programs, requires individuality
in the design. The company Lauer has successfully concluded a market niche with the production of individual glasses. They sold with technical knowledge, skills and appropriate technical equipment, worldwide Eyeglass frames to opticians, with great success. The CNC milling machine High-Z S-400 / T is one of the main ingredients of this success.