Milling stainless steel

Fa. Fritz-Metall-Art

Mr. Schneider of Fritz-Metall-Art Ltd. manufactures almost anything made of stainless steel according to individual customer preferences (signs, letters, number plates, etc). His designs are not only brightly shining and wonderful to look at, they are also unique.

Material:Steel, stainless steel, sheet steel, V2A steel
Application type:2D/3D milling
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z CNC router, various cutters
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Fabrication of Lettering made of Stainless Steel with CNC Router

Letterings milled of stainless steel according to individual designs, grave stones, etc.

From an emblem via belt-buckles, billboards, illuminated advertisings to individually designed cups – you will find everything your heart desires. See for yourself:

Fritz-Metall-Art Ltd. has a great demand for the fabrication of letterings for Custom Bikes – a ‘nice’ and profitable business. We would like to suggest: Take bag and baggage (as well as the High-Z and a bench polisher), visit the next big biker convention at the Wörthersee, in Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg and rent a little booth. There is always a way!

Get over the pale grey in grey with a little bit of shine. Even tombs and grave stones can be ennobled by stainless steel on demand. Optically they look better and fresher as some of the letterings carved in stone according to common handicraft.

Again we are astounded and excited of the options open to those who use a little bit of imagination and mind and rise up against the present economic situation.

Mr. Schneider has proved that a High-Z CNC milling machine can be used for many beneficiary and individual applications.