Minimum quantity lubrication system

Minimalschmierung / Minimalmengenschmierung

Cooling and lubricating system

for CNC milling machines

Two variants are available: manual or automatic

from 172,55 €

(incl. German VAT)

Minimum quantity lubrication system, minimum quantity cooling lubrication system for our High-Z and many more CNC-mills

The appropriate minimal quantity lubrication system, which is fastened with a fixing screw will fit all CNC milling machines.

It can be operated with, e.g. a small compressor, where a minimal air pressure of 2 bar is necessary. Fine-tuning of the amount and air pressure can be adjusted via nozzle as well as switch.

All tubing is made of stainless steel and therefore resistant to corrosion. The suction side is equipped with a filter. If extensions are needed, ordinary plastic tubing or appropriate high-pressure tubing can be used.

An ordinary ‘biker drinking flask’ is sufficient to use as a vessel.

The minimal quantity lubrication system will be used most when dealing with soft materials which are difficult to mill, such as aluminium in pure form or copper.
These materials can not dispense a minimal lubricating system!

Manual or automatic as required

We offer the minimum quantity lubrication in two different versions so that you can choose between the manual and automatic variant.

The manual version offers easy operation by hand. Here, you can push the tap (black ball) down by hand to switch it off and pull it out to switch it on, thus controlling the cooling.

With the automatic variant, you have the convenient option of controlling the minimum quantity lubrication via software. The KinetiC-NC control software already includes the function for the MQL. So that the cooling activates directly when the programme starts and stops immediately when the programme is paused or ended.

Finely adjustable nozzle

Depending on the material, you can adjust the brass nozzle optimally and appropriately. If you close the nozzle, only an air-jet starts the cooling process and is therefore ideal for machining plastics. If you open the fine thread a little further, the liquid jet is activated, which in turn can be finely adjusted depending on the application. It is best to cool according to the motto “As little as possible and as much as necessary”.

Our recommendation: use our mini compressor at 3-4 bar for optimal function of minimum quantity lubrication.