Carbide one flute cutter for soft plastics, aluminium, Teflon, Forex

One flute cutter / Single flute cutter

Solid carbide end mill / single flute end mill for softer plastics


13,98 €

(incl. German VAT)


Product description one flute cutter :

Single flute cutter universal, solid carbide, right-hand twist.

This one flute cutter is to use universal for milling softer plastics such as PVC, polyethene, Teflon, Forex etc. as well as for softer aluminium. It has a large flute for proper chip removal, which is essential and necessary, especially for incredibly soft materials!

Features of the single flute end mill:

  • single flute cutter
  • solid carbide
  • right twisted

Large chip flute for proper chip removal. Extremely sharp cutting edges.

The larger diameters have a drill tip, which automatically centres the tool when it plunges. Therefore, cutting or milling through with these cutters is only possible on a corresponding sacrificial plate as a wear plate.

A coating is usually not economical with this type of milling cutter, as any coating often also reduces the sharpness of the cutting edges, and it is the sharp cutting edges that are important for this type of end mill.