For ABS, ECP, Forex, Melamine, Pertinax, Transply, Teflon

Carbide one flute cutter

Professional one flute cutter made of solid carbide with extremely long service life. With Up-Cut design for softer plastics.

One flute cutter F126

13,98 €

(incl. German VAT)

One flute cutter

One flute cutter universal, solid carbide, right-hand twist.

This one flute cutter is to use universal for milling softer plastics such as PVC, polyethene, Teflon, Forex etc. as well as for softer aluminium. It has a large flute for proper chip removal, which is essential and necessary, especially for incredibly soft materials!

Features of the one flute cutter:

  • one flute cutter
  • solid carbide
  • right twisted

Large chip flute for proper chip removal. Extremely sharp cutting edges.

The larger diameters have a drill tip, which automatically centres the tool when it plunges. Therefore, cutting or milling through with these one flute cutters is only possible on a corresponding sacrificial plate as a wear plate.

A coating is usually not economical with this type of one flute cutter, as any coating often also reduces the sharpness of the cutting edges, and it is the sharp cutting edges that are important for this type of end mill.

One flute cutters: Information on milling

For larger diameters with drill tip

The tool is automatically centred by the cutter tip when plunging in larger diameters. Thus, through-milling / through-cutting with these one flute cutters is only possible on a corresponding machining wear plate.

Makes a coated one flute cutter sense?

Experience has shown that coatings are not economical for this type of router. Because the sharpness of the cutting edges usually falls by the wayside due to any coating. Especially with a one flute cutter for soft materials, the extremely sharp cutting edges count. Accordingly, the quality of the milling results is given by this. Therefore, depending on the application, whether a coating of the milling cutter is worthwhile has to be decided.

One flute cutter available as down-cut

We also offer this cutter as a down-cut version. In this case, the cutter has a left-hand twist instead of a right-hand twist. That ensures that the chips are not pulled out of the material but are pressed downwards. That prevents the workpiece from breaking out on the surface.

Tips for milling plastic

Here we give you a few tips that can make milling plastic easier. Because when you start CNC machining as a newcomer, you cannot yet fall back on your own experience. Also, all cutting machine operators work differently, in different materials, in various applications and with varying milling tools, so that it is challenging to give essential and generally valid tips.

What can be said almost across the board, however, is the following:

  • The speed should be kept low and the feed rate high.
  • Air cooling is advantageous, as plastic is a poor conductor of heat, and thus melted areas on the workpiece can form more quickly during milling. Since a lubricant may attack the material surfaces, liquid cooling is not recommended for plastics,
  • Use sharp milling cutters suitable for the application, preferably one flute cutters.