PCB End mill

PCB, CFRP, GRP, Fibre composites

PCB End mill from solid carbide

Spiral-toothed design and with Up-Cut, made of solid carbide

PCB End mill F048

10,41 €

(inkl. German VAT)

PCB milling cutter for clean contour cuts

Solid carbide, spiral-toothed, Up-Cut

This PCB end mill has a spiral-toothed design and is made from solid carbide. That means that it has chip breakers for milling edges and contours, in the following, especially of fibre composites.

PCB milling cutter with effective chip removal

In addition, the spiral toothing ensures good and effective chip removal. That, in turn, results in a clean and smooth milling pattern for PCBs, CFRP, and GRP, for example. However, plastics are also perfectly machined, and this PCB end mill is also well suited for wood.

Fishtail grinding

The “fishtail” grinding also favours easy plunging. Other toothings, bevels and also a Down-Cut version are alternatively available on request.

Coatings of any kind are generally not economical with this type of milling cutter and are therefore not recommended by us.

This milling cutter is suitable for the following applications:

Item numberØd1 mm cutting diameterL1 mm cutting lengthLG mm overall lengthØS mm shank diameterPrice in €
incl. German VAT
F048.00500.503383.1810.41 €
F048.00600.603383.1810.41 €
F048.00700.703383.1810.41 €
F048.00800.806383.1810.41 €
F048.00900.906383.1810.41 €
F048.01001.006383.1810.41 €
F048.01101.106383.1810.41 €
F048.01201.207.5383.1810.41 €
F048.01301.307.5383,183.1810.41 €
F048.01401.407.5383.1810.41 €
F048.01501.507.5383.1810.41 €
F048.01601.609383.1810.41 €
F048.01701.709383.1810.41 €
F048.01801.809383.1810.41 €
F048.01901.909383.1810.41 €
F048.02002.0010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.02102.1010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.02202.2010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.02302.3010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.02402.4010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.03003.0010.5383.1810.41 €
F048.03183.1810.538 3.1810.41 €