Photo engraving on granite and marble

Workpiece:Granite plate, Grave Stones
Material:marble, granite
Application type:2D photo engraving
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S400/T, GranitoGrav
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D; WinPC-NC

The CNC unit for photo engraving in stone

The CNC router High-Z/T with CNC module GranitoGrav including software for the sensational price.

Whether on tombstones, Memorial plaques, tile, glass, mirror glass…
You simply load your color.- or black and white photo in the CAD-CAM software ConstruCAM-3D in the module specially developed provide the output of the desired size and let the milling paths calculated.

It is really easy!

No programming is required

The CAM software processes your data quickly and creates beautiful photos on solid materials like granite and marble with a CNC router in combination with the GranitoGrav photo module.

The operating costs are extremely low: Diamond grinding tools are about 3-4 euro a piece and can produce about 3-5 large images in granite.

The module machines a photo with a size of 300 x 230 mm in about 40-50 minutes and a photo of 15 x10 cm in about 12-15 minutes.

The innovation for all stone, natural stone companies, stone processing, tombstones, monument design, etc.
Ideal for tombstones and memorials, as well as glass engravings in finest quality.

Operating principle of GranitoGrav

In the spindle recording of grinding head with a brushless motor driven each grinding tool of 2, 35 mm shank can be used.

The photo or the graphics are processed so dragging.

All grey scale in the photo is taken into account and regulated the pressure of the grinding tool via a special electronic system and the software so that lighter and darker areas are generated in the material to be processed, which ultimately represent a photo.

Also, vector graphics, fonts, etc. can be engraved.

We keep ready a font package with Gothic, Greek and Russian fonts (total 230 fonts) for you!

This can be even different completed and engraved in different shades of grey.

Applications of GranitoGrav:

  • Stone carvings
    Granite photoengraving
  • Glass engraving
  • Grave-stone design
  • Generation of inscriptions in materials
  • Mirror editing (for backlighting of motifs in backlighting of the mirror)
  • Gift items
  • Promotional items