Photo engraving machine

GranitoGrav Module for engraving photos

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GranitoGrav Module: Engrave photos, pattern and fonts on granite and glass.

Complete CNC unit High-Z S400/T with KinetiC-NC (DE/EN) and GranitoGrav Picture Engraving Machine for engraving pictures, fonts and decorations on granite and glass.

6.264,00 €

(incl. 19% German VAT)

Module for perfect picture engravings

The GranitoGrav is a professional  engraving module, which creates first-class-quality, hand-made looking photo engravings on stone, granite, and glass by using a rotating diamond tool.

Due to the open construction, the operator can mount the complete machine over big workpieces, for example gravestones.

The engraving machine comes with the following features:

  1. Special 5-axes control with optocoupler 
  2. All in all 5 digital power amplifiers for failure-free operation 
  3. No expensive laser systems for hight-sensing needed, the system levels out about 2,5 mm hight differences independently
  4. Easy to operate software including examples so that you can start immediately.
  5. Lifetime phone-support including Live Support via TeamViewer 
  6. All software Updates for 10 years from purchasing-date for free.
  7. Favourable tooling cost of about 0,50 Euro for a photo engraving object of ca. 10×15 cm
  8. For engraving fonts, vector graphics, hatchings, QR codes, photoengraving  
  9. Optional we can construct a special substructure for your application.

Additional round objects can also be crafted by using our optional rotation-axis.

Engrave stone, glas mirrors

Engrave images, graphics and letterings on granite and marble as well as on glass and mirror glass with a diamond tool. Due to the open construction of the High-Z, the operator can mount the image engraving machine over large workpieces, for example, gravestones. Because the diamond tool only grinds the surface of the material, there is just a need for essential fixation. The photo engraver doesn’t need to be screwed in place solidly. Craftsmen like stone cutters and sculptors can offer additional benefits to their clients.

The handling of the picture engraving machine:

Simply load your color or black/white photo into the therefor developed module in CAD-CAM-Software ConstruCAM-3D , insert desired output-size and calculate the milling-paths.

This file will be opened in the machine-software and sent directly to the machine.

It’s as simple as that!

No programming skills needed !!

The CAM software works off your data accurately and in a very short time and created excellent photos in all above mentioned materials with the CNC Router and the GranitoGrav photo module.

The milling operating costs are extremely low here: Quills cost about 3-4 euro per piece and stand about 3-5 large images in granite.

A photo with the size of 300 x 230 mm requires a processing time of 40-50 minutes approximately. Pictures of 15 x 10 cm are already in about 12-15 minutes.

The innovation for all stone, natural stone companies, stone processing, tombstones, monument design, etc.
Ideal for tombstones and memorials, as well as glass engravings in finest quality.

Below will find quite a few videos to GranitoGrav applications in glass, granite, bottles, glasses, etc. !

Engravers operating principle of GranitoGrav:

In the spindle recording of grinding head with a brushless motor driven each grinding tool of 2, 35 mm shank can be used.

The photo or the graphics are processed so dragging.

All gray scale in the photo is taken into account and regulated the pressure of the grinding tool via a special electronic system and the software so that lighter and darker areas are generated in the material to be processed, which ultimately represent a photo.

Also, vector graphics, fonts, etc. can be engraved.

We keep ready a font package with Gothic, Greek and Russian fonts (total 230 fonts) for you!

This can be even different completed and engraved in different shades of gray.

Applications of GranitoGrav picture engraving machine:

  • Stone carvings
  • Granite photo engraving
  • Glass engraving
  • Grave-stone design
  • Generation of inscriptions in materials
  • Mirror editing (for the purpose of back lighting of motifs in back lighting of the mirror)
  • Gift items
  • Promotional items

and much more…

System requirements:

  • Processor: not lower than Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz.
  • RAM: no less than 1024 MB (4096MB). be recommended )
  • Space: not less than 20 GB, NTFS – file system is required.
  • Video card: ATI/NVidia and not less than 256 MB video memory.
  • Operating system: Windows 2000 / Windows XP.
  • Another: USB 2.0 is required