Plastic milling / plastic processing


General information

MaterialPlastic, PVC, plexiglass
Traverse path
Type of application:2D milling, 3D milling
Used machine & accessories:plastic milling cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Plexiglas keyboards – polycarbonate – transmission – gears

Information about plastic Milling / Plexiglas PVC POM and other

In general, all plastics are editable with our machines . The High-Z as well as our two other series, T-Rex and RaptorX SL all have enough stability to process all available plastic types 3D and 3D on the market. Examples of 3D processing can be found here.

Milling in plexiglass, polycarbonate or Makrolon / Plexiglas processing

The milling of Plexiglas is compatible with all CNC machines from CNC-STEP possible. 2D and 3D plexiglass material of all types can be realized by our 3 machine series. Our clientele creates machine parts for model construction, the tuning range of vehicles, for advertising, custom fixtures and switch units as well as illuminated signs etc..

With our machines you mill all kinds of plexiglass and polycarbonate to a thickness of about 30mm. We even offer special polishing mills for processing of Plexiglas to leave almost let the trimmed edges look like polished.

Engravings are of course in all plastics as well as PVC, Plexiglas etc. are also feasible. You should use a working extraction with Plexiglas or at least get a permanent air cooling, due to the low melting point of about 80 ° C. Even better results are obtained in connection with a spray cooling. Read below more info.

Plastics Processing: Important Points for Attention

In plastic milling, it is important to consider some criteria that are largely responsible of whether a quality top result is achieved in the final product, or if the quality is not satisfaying.

When milling plastic, these points are important to note:

  1. The clamping / chucking should be as free of tension as possible to obtain distortion-free results
  2. The right tool should be extremely sharp. The more smoother a plastic is the more difficult the machining due to the toughness of the material. help In addition polished flutes at the cutter, help to evacuate the hot chips cleanly and reliably to preventa clogging of the flutes.
  3. Cooling! For most types of plastics, it is to required to cool the milling process directly on the router using a coolant. Often plain water is enough. The melting point of the material to be milled is lowered which also can prevent clogging on the cutter to prevent a final rupture.
  4. Speeds! You should choose the speeds of the milling tool as small as possible when milling plastic in order to prevent an increase in temperature at the cutter or workpiece.
  5. The deburring after the work process can usually be done using a manual deburrer or a simple knife.

Plastic milling on the machine / Possible types

In the above examples, you can see some applications of milling in various plastics such as POM, plexiglass, polycarbonate, platinum material, Depron, Trespa, HPL laminate, PVC, rigid PVC, PTFE, PE, PS, PA, PEEK, therefore mainly thermoplastics and duroplasts.


The most important thing is the right choice of router! This must be sharp and of high quality! With our CNC machines, all plastics can simply be processed precise and accurate. Whether you need to bring housing cutouts in finished plastic housing, must produce parts from POM or plexi glass – with the CNC machines from CNC-STEP you make a long term right decision for your machining process regarding plastic milling!