Pull-Down Vice

Pull-Down Vice for precise and safe machining

The Pull-Down Vice enables precise work with secure fixation.

Clamping jaws with prism grinding. Ideal for drilling and milling.

For exact clamping on machine tools.

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Robust Pull-Down Vice

Our Pull-Down Vices are made of unalloyed, hardened tool steel and are therefore extremely robust and resistant. They are therefore ideal for demanding work on CNC milling machines or other machine tools with higher forces. This clamping mechanism thus offers a combination of precision and high clamping strength.

No slipping or tilting

There are seven different sizes of this pull-down vice to choose from, with clamping widths from 22 mm to 200 mm. An angular prism grinding on the movable clamping jaw ensures, on the one hand, firm and secure hold of the workpiece and on the other hand, helps to prevent tilting or slipping.

Secure fastening of the Pull-Down Vice

By using the grooves provided on the base of the small and large precision pull-down vices, they can be quickly and reliably attached to the T-slot plate, worktop or workbench using clamping claws.

Using a hexagon socket screw, which is attached at a 45° angle, you can bring the jaw immediately into any position. At the same time, the positioning not only fixes the workpiece but also pulls it downwards.

fixing Pull-Down Vice with Allen key
Pull-Down Vice Clamp-D on T-slot plate
Niederzugschraubstock Clamp-D Datenblatt
Pull-Down Vices different sizes
Milling process with Pull-Down Vice

What is a Pull-Down Vice?

Like conventional vices, you can use pull-down vices to hold workpieces securely in place during machining. This can be either during machining on a drill press or a CNC portal milling machine.

A precision pull-down vice has two jaws between which the workpiece can be clamped. One of the two jaws is permanently mounted. At the same time, the second one forms the movable unit and is moved with a crank, rod or hexagon key.

If it is foreseeable before the start of machining that high forces will act on the material to be machined, the pull-down vice is the first and best choice as a clamping aid on machine tools.

Two further essential advantages are precision and high clamping strength. Due to the pull-down guide of the mobile clamping jaw, neither the workpiece nor the jaw can tilt during clamping.

Pull-Down Vice prevents the material from lifting off

A challenge in horizontal clamping can be the lifting of the material, which does not allow safe and precise working.

In conclusion, the result of milling or engraving may not be as even and clean as desired. Small and large pull-down vices, on the other hand, with their ground clamping jaws, offer the possibility of giving the workpiece a secure hold.

Guide carriages below the clamping jaws allow smooth and precise movement forwards and downwards so that possible inaccuracies and jamming during fixing belong to the past.