Purchase of a CNC machine kit

A customer regrets the purchase of a CNC machine kit

Dear Mr Peters,

just one more e-mail before my weekend starts.

I expect either a short head-shaking or a smile.

Yes, we decided in favour of a cheap CNC machine kit.

Yes, we have learned that a machine kit is not useful when you need precise results.

CNC milling kit

CNC milling kit

Yes, you had warned us.

This is why today we return to your company with repentance.

Two questions:

Is your original offer still valid?

What would be the additional cost for the High-Z 1000 with ball screws?

Best regards

Christian M.

This is a good example when a low price comes at the first place / Here is a comparison test for you

CNC-STEP on machine kits

We believe that these CNC machines, of course, have the right to exist. However, they are limited in precision and stability, whether for milling or engraving.

Example of the applicability of a CNC machine

I received only a few days ago a request for a RaptorX-SL in the cost range of 35,000 Euros. A company that produces wind power plants wanted to haul over 2.5 meters 150mm thick walls of the propellers made of a special plastic.

Cost-benefit comparison

I told him that this is feasible with our machines well, but would take about three times as long as would be required on an appropriate processing centre. He thanked for the honest statement. I mean, it always depends on the cost-benefit comparison. Our machines are also limited in their application. So are also the kit machines.

Light wood milling and only “scratching” in aluminium

Kit machines must still be viable after the assembly of a layman. Therefore, the tolerances of the components are also selected to be larger than for a finishing machine. Thus, a machine kit is certainly sufficient for chip milling.

But when I see the videos that these machines can also mill aluminium, I must already smile. It is shown how a kit machine delivers 0.5mm with a 2mm cutter and then milled aluminium! And, within the mechanics of the plant, resonances are created which immediately destroy a reasonable milling result. This is scratching aluminium, not milling. Who is still wondering if he might have used the wrong router…?

Conclusion: First think about what you want to use the machine for in the long term, then buy! And please not a China CNC milling machine!

with kind regards Frank Hylewicz / owner CNC-STEP