Ring engraving

Workpiece:Marriage ring
Application type:Ring engraving / engraving on round surfaces
Used machines and accessoires:Engraving machine High-Z, engraver
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Ring engraving for marriage rings and jewelry

3D engravings with the RounDINO 120 axis for rings, jewelry etc.

Constructed with the 3D CAD program, converted by DeskProto or HEIZ CadCAM into G codes and manufactured with the High-Z with RounDINO axis – fast and easy.

We would have accomplished a more filigree result if we had used a 1-mm-milling-drill. However, we only had a 2-mm-radius milling drill available. The surfaces of such milling works almost look as if polished, which is a mark for the high accuracy of this CNC equipment.