10% educational discount  for schools, students and apprentices on all CNC machines

The educational discount of CNC-STEP

According to experience, the financial resources for schools in Germany are rather limited. The municipalities prefer to renew roads at the end of the year, which are still in a good condition to regain the budget for the next year again from the federation. Therefore, CNC-STEP offers 10% of the purchase price of a CNC machine in the form of an education discount to all school institutions.

Commitment to our descendants

Countless schools, universities and other educational institutions have already benefited from this educational discount in the past. We regard this as an obligation to our technically interested descendants, since the position Germany should continue to stand for high engineering skills, best training possibilities and highly qualified personnel!

Pupils, schools, students and apprentices benefit equally

If you are a pupil, a student or an apprentice, you will receive a full 10% discount on the machine, just send us a copy of your ID. The invoice is then also given to the name of the student etc. CNC accessories are not included in the education discount.

Universities and schools of all kinds

Schulrabatt Referenz Uni Melbourne    Universität Würzburg   Univerity_of_Limerick_Ireland   Uni Zypern Referenz  Universität Stuttgart  Universität FlensburgMarienschule Lingen      Schulrabatte Josef Hebting Schule Vöhrenbach             Hauptschule_Hoehscheid               Realschule_Landgraf

Since our smallest CNC machines of the type High-Z are already available for small money and absolutely able to convey professional knowledge about the entire CNC sector, it should be worth considering to acquire your CNC machine for school purposes from CNC-STEP .

A further aspect is the low follow-up costs, because we give all CNC machines of new customers life-long, free live support via TeamViewer.