Spektra Plunge router bit Amana Tool®

Wood, Laminate, Veneered plywood, MDF, Melamine

Spektra Plunge
router bit

  • Type 48116-K
    € 44,03

    • 3 mm Dia

    • 6 mm shank

    • Up-Cut

  • Type 48120-K
    € 41,65

    • 6 mm Dia

    • 6 mm shank

    • Up-Cut

  • Type 48216-K
    € 44,03

    • 3 mm Dia

    • 6 mm shank

    • Down-Cut

  • Type 48220-K
    € 35,70

    • 6 mm Dia

    • 6 mm shank

    • Down-Cut

 (incl. German VAT)

Spektra Plunge router bit from Amana Tool®

A Spektra plunge router bit made of solid carbide from Amana Tool® with a special coating has a spiral flute with an efficient shearing action and effective chip removal. This combination ensures an exact cut and clean, accurate cutting, while the drill action removes the chips from the groove.

Up-Cut Spektra plunge router bit

The Spektra plunge router bit with its Up-Cut design (right-hand twist) shears upwards from the bottom and thus ejects the chips towards the top. That allows the cutter to plunge deeper into the material, which has the side effect of less stress on the tool and thus extending its service life.

For milling mortise and tenon joints, this Spektra plunge router bit with Up-Cut is an excellent choice. Machining is fast with the result of a clean and free groove.

Spektra Plunge router bit with Down-Cut & nano-coating

With the Spektra plunge cutter and its Spektra nano-coating and the Down-Cut grinding (left-hand twist) – a left-hand spiral – you get a particularly cleanly machined top edge as the chip is pressed down against the workpiece during the milling operation.

Spektra Plunge router bit 48120-K Spektra coating
Spektra Plunge router bit 48220-K Down-Cut cutting edge

Spektra plunge router bit with polished flute

The Spektra plunge cutter’s unique carbide grade with increased flank geometry and razor-sharp cutting edges with polished flutes provide a superior finish and longer tool life, especially with abrasive materials. Excellent for making grooves and cuts in plywood, chipboard and laminate. The predominant use of these plunge router bits is on CNC routers or other automatic routers. Application with hand-held and portable routers is also possible.

Excellent for machining:

  • Veneer plywood
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • MDF
  • Melamine
  • Melamine chipboard

High nano-hardness of the Spektra™ plunge router bit

Our plunge router bits with Spektra™ coating, a nACo® nanocomposite coat, have an extreme nano-hardness and excellent heat resistance. This micro-thin ceramic coating extends the tool life and enables cutting results of the highest quality. Even if the bluish colour of the coating fades after use, the protection of the Spektra™ ceramic layer remains.

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