Stainless steel machining

stainless steel machining

stainless steel machining

With the CNC portal milling machines from our extensive assortment, you will be able to acquire a precise and fast production of milling parts, engraving parts and drilling parts made of steel and stainless steel. Thanks to their stable construction, our machines are able to process stainless steel or steel.

Stainless steel is not always burr-free after machining

Clean, burr-free contours are the end result of the stainless steel processing with our CNC milling machines in mass production as well as in individual production. For this purpose, appropriate additional measures such as the use of minimum quantity lubrication and the use of high-quality milling tools are indispensable! In addition the variety of alloys. Some more solid alloys cast far less burr than the tough and soft VA alloys.

Stainless steel machining and fits

Even fits are to be made with the machines. The High-Z CNC milling machine series, in particular the S-400-T and S-720-T, can be used for machining stainless steel and steel. A large number of customers as well as ourselves use the machines, for example, to create cut-outs and openings in Rittal steel cabinets (steel processing) for our CNC controls and control cabinets.

Of course, an application in stainless steel machining is also conceivable in the field of 3D mold making for small parts. In this case, it is usually a question of the quality of the milling cutters used to produce qualitative high end products. On the subject of stainless steel milling you will also find a lot of information and applications at our customer stainless steel fritze.

Stainless steel for the advertising industry – signs – facade advertising

The company mills with its High-Z 720T, belt buckles and uppercase letters for facade advertising. When processing steel and stainless steel for individual pieces, they rely on a precise and stable CNC milling machine with ball screws. Even Mike Krüger was already a customer who had a belt buckle with his initials made.