Free STL File and 3D CAD software download

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Thousands of free stl files, a 3D CAD software and an editing software for stl file repairs. For free!

If you follow this guide, you can actually download thousands of files (stl file) and 3D objects for free! We will show you how to use Google Sketchup and Netfabb Studio Basic to convert and edit data into a common format for CAD CAM software, to split it into all parts of the files and even to repair it with a free 3D viewer software. In the end, you can also create milling paths * for your CNC milling machine free of charge.

This 3 animations are from the also free software to edit or create an STL file

Information on how to download thousands of .stl files free of charge can be found below in the section Instructions. We will show you three examples using GIF animations. Left as .skp file, right as finished stl File:

girl head free stl skp file sketchup
helicopter free skp stl file sketchup
lamborghini free stl file skp sketchup
girl head free stl file sketchup
helicopter free stl file sketchup
lamborghini stl file free sketchup
What you need for this free service from CNC-STEP:
  1. Some time, a little patience and attention (please read everything completely!)
  2. A PC that meets today’s requirements
  3. The willingness to learn a bit about 3D-CAD software. Video guides will help you.

The following 10 downloads will give you a little inspiration. Ten thousand of them are waiting for you: technology, buildings, vehicles, biology, plants and many more.

A must for all model builders, 3D designers, rapid prototyping specialists, architects, mold builders, etc.

  1. free stl and 3ds-Download / Lamborghini Gallardo Police car
  2. free stl and 3ds-Download / Girl Head
  3. free stl and 3ds-Download / Helicopter
  4. free stl and 3ds-Download / Tut Anch Amun, Tut Ank Amun death mask
  5. free stl and 3ds-Download / Sexy Girl Torso and head
  6. free stl and 3ds-Download / Bathroom Set with tub
  7. free stl and 3ds-Download / Landscape of Island
  8. free stl and 3ds-Download / Lord Darth Vader from Star Wars
  9. free stl and 3ds-Download / Milling Machine Complete
  10. free stl and 3ds-Download / Chessgame with all figures
  11. free stlDownload / STL 3D Porcelain Angel
We have strictly adhered to the rules and conditions of the companies whose dowloads and links we will present to you! We do not earn a cent with this page and we just don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars on software and files, which you can get free of charge.

Instructions for free STL files and  3D CAD Software Google Sketchup:

Downloading Google SketchUp Pro 2016

  1. Installation of the software Google SketchUp Pro 2016 on your Computer
  2. Watch video tutorials and and Google Sketchup Tutorials :
  1. The free version of Google Sketchup has only limited export functions and many CAM programs do not recognize the sketchup format .skp. The download of the plugin for Google Sketchup with export function for STL and DXF helps:
    1. Download Sketchup to DXF/STL Plugin for Sketchup 2016, 2015, 2013, V8.2 and higher. (right click -> Save as)
    2. Download Sketchup to DXF/STL Plugin for Sketchup Versionen 6, 7, 8, Sketchup Make. (right click -> Save as)
  2. To install the rb (z) file: After downloading the file (save as) to your computer, simply copy the file to the directory where you installed the Google Sketchup software. In our example, the directory is: C: Program Files SketchUp pluginsThere are already standard plugins with the file extension * .rb. You can now import all the 3D files that are open in Google SketchUp with the .skp and .3ds file into Google SketchUp, or you can download them from the Google Gallery as .stl and go to the “Tools” – Export to DXF or STL menu and export in these two formats.
  3. Download & install the free-use Software netfabb Studio Basic
    The software is a full version with fantastic performance, can, but does not have to be registered. So it is not a test version of Netfabb Studio Professional. The only annoying thing is the 10 seconds waiting time with each program start . Everything else regarding the initial operation and the conversion of SketchUp data to stl we show in the videos. We are pleased if you are satisfied with this free service from CNC STEP

Links to databases with free 3D data and paid content such as .stl and .3ds files:

Free content (in some cases you only have to register):

    • Here you will find more than 3000 .3ds files (Search in .3ds)
    • Also worthwhile: Free .3ds -files
      266 pieces .3ds files Architecture / 77 pieces electronics / 252 inventory / etc.
    • Very interesting: Thousands of technical 3D-CAD files, always available as .stl. You only need to register and install the Viewer

All of these files can be divided into your individual components using the 3D software Google SketchUp, and only one wheel of a vehicle can be exported for example as a stl file and can later be reproduced in a different scale on one of our CNC milling machines.

SketchUp Make or Google SketchUp

For Windows and Mac

SketchUp Make is another free 3D-Software,  which even has a manual in German, which significantly simplifies the initial application.It is the successor to the popular 3D software Google SketchUp. This user-friendly 3D modeling software makes it easy to get started by drawing lines and shapes. Then the surfaces are dragged and moved so that 3D elements are created. After a few hours, even the novice can work safely and achieve initial results. The freeware version is for private users only. However, Trimble also provides Pro versions for commercial users.

Link to Download