Stone Router Bits

Stone router bits for processing granite, slate, Carrara marble

Stone router bits for engraving and milling slate, marble, granite

Stone router bits various sizes

Stone router bits for the processing of, for example, slate, sandstone, granite or marble. In two different cutting diameters and from angle sizes of 60° degrees to a maximum of 130° degrees.

With these special V-cutters for stone processing, you can make precise lettering, reliefs or picture engravings.

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Stone router bits

V-carving in slate

V-carving in slate

Stone processing with CNC milling machine

To engrave or machine stone accurately and cleanly, you need three things: a stable and torsion-resistant CNC machine, a powerful high-frequency spindle and suitable milling tools. Particularly when it comes to depth cutting in marble or granite, high forces act on the tool and machine, so that a robust machine design offers immense advantages here. With these prerequisites, the processing of stone is ideal and produces a particularly excellent result.

Suitable stone router bits for V-carving

Stone end mills or so-called V-cutters for stone processing are an excellent complement to the HF spindle. These stone cutters made of solid carbide are characterised by sharp cutting edges and exceptionally long service life, which enable precise engraving on a more rigid material such as stone.

Additional tool life through optional cooling

Optional cooling in the form of minimum quantity lubrication can extend the milling tool’s service life if used correctly. Depending on the stone you want to machine on the CNC router, this can positively influence the workpiece’s surface quality. Spray cooling with pure water without additives is recommended and sufficient to prevent, for example, a change in the colour of the material.

V-end mill for stone with different angles

As a selection, we offer stone router bits (10 mm Ø shank) with maximum cutting diameters of 10 mm or 15 mm and different cutting angles, which have a tapered tip. The cutting-edge angle determines the milling width, i.e., the greater the angle, the flatter the V-groove machined. It can also be said that the greater the angle, the more stable the tool.

Stone router bits ideal for granite, marble, sandstone or slate

3D-VCarving in carara marble

3D V-carving in Carrara marble

The stone cutters offered are ideal for milling or engraving granite, marble, sandstone or slate. For example, stonemasons can use a suitable CNC milling cutter to engrave inscriptions, lettering or reliefs according to the customer’s wishes into the selected stone materials. This possibility can be implemented, especially for grave inscriptions in granite, because the client’s very personal and special wishes can be implemented, such as picture engravings, ornaments or floral patterns.

Natural stone and design

However, individual elements made of natural stone are also increasingly in demand in interior design. With an appropriate CNC milling machine and the right tools, it is possible to respond to the customer’s wishes and implement personal and sometimes unusual unique pieces. For example, the decoration of shower panels, washstands or individual tile elements.

Rotary axis as an optional addition

By adding a large rotary axis to the T-Rex milling machine or the RaptorX-SL Stone variant, the 3-axis machine is extended by a 4th axis. That makes 3D machining possible, for example, to create sculptures in soapstone or rough-pored stone. Of course, you must keep an eye on the stone’s size and weight to be machined, as the rotary axis and tailstock can only work optimally up to a maximum total weight. In this way, 360° machining with suitable stone cutters can optimise the existing production processes or even new perspectives in the possible applications.

anglecutting diameter in mmoverall length in mmshank diameter in mmPrice in €
incl. German VAT
2020 080160°10651070.21
2020 080270°10651070.21
2020 080390°10651070.21
2020 0805115°10651070.21
2020 0806130°10651070.21
2020 081390°15651082.11
2020 0814105°15651082.11
2020 0815115°15651082.11
2020 0816130°15651082.11