Stonework / Stone milling – Stone engraving

MaterialTypes of stone: marble Carrara, granite Nero Assoluto, slate, soapstone, etc.
Type of application:2D milling – 3D milling – engraving
Used machines an accessories:High-Z / RaptorX-SL, special milling cutter from CNC-STEP
Applied software:ConstruCAM 3D

Stonework – marble, granite, slate, amber

Stone-processing can be done both with our High-Z as well as with our RaptorX portal milling machine. Our machines work with these materials with minimum feed rates up to about 2 or 3 mm per second. Thanks to the stable construction and the small play within the mechanical parts, the stone milling is already possible with a small machine from CNC-STEP!

It is important to use an appropriate cooling device for milling various types of stone in order to prevent premature wear of the milling cutter. This saves the tool and makes the results cleaner in the surface texture. The specially designed cooling system also counteracts heat generation, which also protects the milling cutter.

With the portal milling machines from CNC-STEP, you get a favorable possibility of the precise production of engravings, inscriptions or 3D work in stone. Take advantage of the machines in the future for your stone working in the field of relief production, labels or inscriptions in grave stones or lying stones, plaques or trophies, commemorative stones etc.

Marble 3d milling – A marble relief

With the Raptorx-SL milling machine, we have realized a 3D milling example in stone. The cherub were 3D milled in solid marble. The machine displays the data from the CAD software ConstruCAM-3D data line by line with an offset of 0.3mm each in 20mm thick marble.

After 4 hours we got an above-average cleanly created 3D relief from solid marble. The cooling has been necessary here since we have used a relatively standard milling cutter. The stone processing and the milling of marble is no problem for this machine. Ask us for a sample shipment in your special material.

Photo engravings in stone

Stone milling is not necessarily the simplest of all disciplines. With the GranitioGrav, however, you can comfortably engrave in stone. The GranitoGrav is a professionally applicable gravure system, which can be used with rotating diamond heads to produce natural, hand-crafted photographs and inscriptions on stone, granite, marble, glass, mirror glass and metals.

With the help of our sliding frame you even allows the photo engraving system for mobile use on the stonebody to be processed and an installation of workpieces to a slot table (optional).

Milling granite

An especially reinforced version of the RaptorX-SL CNC machine with stronger guides and even more massive bridge parts and frame elements with a machining surface of 1200mm x 1050mm specially designed for the stone processing. The RaptorX-SL milling machine is also suitable for 3D machining in marble or soapstone.

The RaptorX-SL Portal Milling Machine is also the right choice if you are looking for a bigger scale.Thanks to its solid construction made of extra-strong steel pipes and the particularly powerful drive motors, it is also capable of engraving and milling 2D and 3D stone, marble, slate and granite reliably and exactly.

Milling fonts and 3D reliefs in slate

In the following example we mill with the RaptorX-SL using a very special V-bit of carbide in a solid slate plate. The stepover rate is 5 mm and the CAM data were created by the software ConstruCAM-3D. The feed rate for this work is 7 mm per second (0.42 m / minute).

As a result of the stone processing in slate, we got exact and clean surfaces without a final finishing pass. The material is smooth, clean and burr-free on the milled surfaces. For the entire work process of the slate processing the machine needed only about 5-6 minutes for the “shield” in the example. Stone milling – simple and fast.

3D milling amber

We are milling a 3D relief in amber. This is not a real stone, but the strength of this material is not as soft as it may seem.

The High-Z CNC machine is made for jewelery in amber. In the foreseeable future, we will create more examples in jade, amber, etc., to show you how filigree this machine is capable of working.