Einscan-SE – Structured Light 3D Scanner

Structured Light Scanner “Einscan-SE 3D”

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Einscan-SE Structured Light 3D Scanner - Scanning Unit

Shining SE – the next generation of structured light 3D scanners. For scanning 3D objects and output in a CNC milling file. Allows you to make 1: 1 copies on a CNC milling machine.

The structured light scanner Einscan SE by Shining 3D creates full-circle scans in outstanding quality at an unbeatable low price. The complete system impresses with its easy operation, fast scanning and high level of detail.

The included turntable enables automatic 360 degree scans of small to medium objects in less than 2 minutes. Likewise, the scan system allows free scans of large objects.


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The Einscan SE 3D Scanner and its advantages

An unbeatable low-cost, high-performance scanning system

A 3D scan with the EinScan SE produces large amounts of data. For fluent data processing, the desktop PC requires appropriate computing power.

System requirements according to manufacturer:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64 bit)
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core i5 processor or higher
  • Graphics card: min. Nvidia 1GB or graphics card with comparable performance
  • Memory: 8 G or more


  • The light source emits white light through LED lights, which is not harmful to the human eye.
  • First spray transparent, dark and reflective objects with scanning powder before scanning.

Why apply scanning powder to the object during structured light scanning?

With strutured light scanning, a well-visible white light pattern is crucial for the most detailed data acquisition possible. The color and type of material of the part to be scanned has a significant impact on the quality of the output graphics file.

  • The high reflectivity of a part complicates the detailed capture of the contours.
  • Black or dark bodies absorb the white light of the scanner. This eliminates the contrast necessary for detailed capture and processing of the contours.

EinScan SE and CNC milling machine as CNC-3D-printer

The copying of your desired object is now fast, detailed and at low-cost with the 3D scanner Einscan SE and the High-Z router. Scan your desired object in a simple way and receive a digital milling file in a suitable format for the CAD CAM program Construcam-3D. Simply upload the STL file and you’re ready to start milling.

Once you have created a milling file, you can reproduce your digitized workpiece on our CNC machines as often as you like. The EinScan SE turns your milling machine into a powerful CNC 3D printer. Ideal for hobby, school, education and business.

Material and Technical DataAccessories
Material: Plastic3D Scan Unit
Height: 21 cmRotatable Plate
Lenght: 57 cmRotatable arm
Width: 57 cmHolder for 3D Scan Unit
Carrying Capacity: max. 5 kgCalibrating Plate
Camera Resolution: 1,3 MegapixelPower- and Data Connection
File Formate: STL, OBJ, ASC, PLYBrief Instruction
Technical Data Sheet EN