Name tag – Cut out a name tag with joined letters

Name tag.

Cut out a pendant with conjoined letters.

Name tag font outlines

Name tag font outlines

Font – Outlines.

Name tag Font with milling offse

Font with milling offset (cutter centre line).

Name tag Font with wide milling trace

Font with wide milling trace.

Almost every font can be used for the milling of pendants with names. The font is input into the text program (edit lines) or, for example, also imported from  CorelDRAW (AI  import). The font is cut out using a tool with offset (circumscribe). The required milling offset must be taken into account with the font design.


1 Move the individual letters so close together that the contact sectors with the subsequent offset calculation are closed. The max.separation of the letters must be smaller than the cutter diameter. Dots (e.g. in i, j, ä, ö, ü etc.) must be handled specially. Move these points also to a max. separation from the lettering which is smaller than the cutter diameter. In individual cases separations must be bridged using connecting lands.

Scripts often possess areas of crossover. These are not permitted for the milling offset calculation. Crossovers must be removed (e.g. using operat . fusion . sum).

2 In the CAD attach possibly necessary mounting eyes. The max. separation can  only be smaller than the cutter diameter.
3 Calculate  a 2d offset track for the tool using CAM . MillCorr 2D/(3D).
4 Export the offset track to your machine.