Part 1 General Introduction

Description for the operation of the program surface

  • Prerequisites for the workstation computer
  • Instructions, work descriptions, update
  • Important information about the program
  • The directory PROJECT
  • Program registration

Prerequisites for the workstation computer.

For the installation of the program the computer should have the following minimum configuration.

  • Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 32/64 Bit with at least 512 MByte main memory.

  • Graphic VGA. resolution: at least 800Pix.*600Pix. or higher. At least 16235 colours or more.

  • Hard disk with at least 100MByte free space.

  • 2 button, or better 3 button Mouse.  

Instructions, work specifications, update.

Program updates are always possible when a newer version (Ver. is offered on the internet page. For a program update you require the file CtlStrDat.ahs(.dll) for the release of your program. If they have not already received this file (see program directory), registered users can request the data per E-mail to For a program update please note the details in the internet page.  

Important information about the program.

These instructions describe the general user interface of the program. Please read through these carefully and completely.  

  • If you have questions about operation, then please first use Program help. This can be reached even with already activated functions using  or with [?] and click on the function.

  • The program supports the 3 button Mouse. The middle button  can be used for input, help, so far as it has not already been reconfigured by the operating system. Alternatively  opens the same function.

  • Function support using <Shift> (<^>): <^> and cursor movement at the edge of the graphic: Zoom – Relocation (Display list).

  • Function support <R> (right Mouse key): if no function is active, pressing the right Mouse key in  CAD opens the alternative menu (<F2>) for the selection aid.

  • Function support Abort: almost all windows or inputs into the program can be aborted using the Mouse key <R> or using <Esc>. Only Windows standard windows have to be clicked on exclusively.

  • Without previous written consent from AHSoft, it is forbidden to transfer to a third party or in any way to make available to a third party the Software or the associated written material. The Software. and the associated written material are protected by copyright. The right to the use of the Software can be transferred to a third party only with the previous written consent from AHSoft . The giving away, leasing and lending of the Software and the written accompanying material are strictly forbidden.  

The directory PROJECT.  

The program creates a subdirectory PROJECT. This directory is used together with the functions Open Project and Save Project. Under PROJECT you can save all data, also foreign data, which are linked with the current task. Using Save Project these data are packed and secured together in a target file. If, at a later date, you again open this Project, then all data are available again in the PROJECT directory.  

Program registration.  

Register your milling program. You can use our mail service only for registered programs (see Customer service. Only users of registered programs can profit from our update service.  

Advantages for registered users:

  • All registered programs can be upgraded to a more comprehensive configuration at any time.

  • We offer favourable update/upgrade conditions. You receive program updates within the current main number (currently Ver.7.x) at no cost.

  • AHSoft customers receive assistance with problems for program versions free per e-mail. Do you have particular engraving/milling problems? Contact AHSoft. Here you receive solutions and support directly from the developer.

For program registration simply send an e-mail to

AHSoft – Ing.-Büro A.Horn


Your registration should contain the following information:

  • User code or, if you still do not have this, your reference source with precise program identification

  • and your complete address.