T-groove plate : CNC milling machine High-Z S1000

t-groove plate

T-slot for our CNC milling machine High-Z S 1000

anodized aluminum, 4-piece, 16mm thick, Dimensions: 64 x 133cm

428,40 €

(incl. German VAT)


Here you have the choice between conventional stell clamps and clamping clamps made of high-performance plastic and also toggle clamps for flexible and fast clamping. Depending on the application and material selection, it is practical to have clamping devices of both types at hand. You can also obtain the corresponding clamping devices to match our T-slot plates in our store.

T-slot for our CNC milling machine High-Z S 1000

  • anodized aluminum
  • 4-piece
  • 16mm thick

Dimensions: 64 x 133cm

Price list incl. VAT of all t groove plates for CNC machine series High-Z and High-Z/T:

S-400 / S-400/T        2-piece : 119,00 €

S-720 / S-720/T        3-piece: 255,85 €

S-1000 / S-1000/T   4-piece: 428,40 €

S-1400T                    6-piece: 731,85 €

S-1400/T-105           8-piece: 855,61 €

Also, we offer you an assembled t-groove plate with stable underframe construction from 30×60 or 60×60 mm aluminum profiles, ready to fit on machine frame:

S-400 / S-400/T        with underframe 2-pieces : 238,00 €

S-720 / S-720/T        with underframe 3-pieces : 380,80 €

S-1000 / S-1000/T   with underframe 4-pieces : 547,40 €

S-1400T                    with underframe 6-pieces : 903,21 €

S-1400/T-105           with underframe 8-pieces : 1.046,01 €