T-Rex S-0712


Portal milling machine and engraving machine with ball screw,linear guiding and bellows

Our new one especially for 2D and 3D panel processing

9.889,00 €

(excl. German VAT)

CNC Portal Milling Machine T-REX S-0712

With our new T-Rex version of our well-known High-Z CNC-milling machine, you purchase a top technology and well-tried technic combined in one machine.

Ball screw drives, bellow-protected HIWIN or/and THK linear carriages, solid steel frame ( type 0609 and 0712 even constructed as cast-steel frame) characterize this machine-series.

The High-Z/T-Rex was mainly designed for industrial panel processing, milling, cutting, engraving etc.

Solidly constructed components, high precision of all mechanical components and a torsion-resistant steel frame allow working with almost all materials!

By using recirculating ball screws a High-Z/T-Rex CNC-milling machine achieves fantastic precision and an almost immeasurable backlash of +/-0,01 mm.

Simultaneously, high feed rates up to 17.000 mm/minute can be achieved, due to the extremely high performance of our new ZERO3 engine control ( depending on driven contour shapes).

Therewith the machine lays in the speed sector of more expensive servo-driven CNC-machines!

Here you can view a video featuring a High-Z/T-REX. ( milling processing in hard PVC )

Thereby this new machine-series is applicable in the commercial and industrial sector for CNC-engraving, CNC-milling, CNC-drilling, CNC-measuring, CNC-cutting and even for dosing-systems to for example apply glue, dispersions etc. to 3D contours.

The CNC milling machines are equipped with energy chains on the axes. Furthermore all CNC-units. supplied by us are equipped with an additional power socket on the Z-axis for tangential knives, HF milling spindles etc.

Technical data, accessory and price

Technical data T-Rex CNC Mill with ball screw spindles
and bellows
T-REX 0712
Article number120020
Travel X-axis1200 mm
Travel Y-axis700 mm
Travel Z-axis130 mm
Max. hight clearance Z (upper edge of t-groove
plate / lower edge bridge)
130 mm
Clamping Area X / Y on grooved panel 1650 x 880 mm
Length x width x hight over all in cm196x130x142
Weight ca. 350 kg
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width X/Y15/15 mm
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width Z / ØØ 16 mm
Ball screws/spindles X / Y / Z : Ø24/16/16
Frame constructionsteel/cast steel
Guidings Z Ø16 mm
Steps/revolution 1/10 micro-step 2000
Slope ball screw spindle X/Y/Z10/10/5 mm
Programmable resolution minimal (Z) 0,0025 mm
Backlash+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatable accuracy0,01 mm
Max. rapid speed, measured diagonal travel X
+ Y
17.000 mm/min
Operating speed max.12.000 mm/min
incl. CNC-control Zero3 / 5-channe
Supported operating systems: Windows / Linux
incl. T-slot table made of aluminium (f. short
time )
incl. milling software KinetiC-NC
incl. shielded IGUS cabling
incl. Full version software CADCAM
ConstruCam 3D with
post-processor for KinetiC-NC, Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR
(excl. German VAT)
9.889,00 €
Operating instructions
T-Rex quick-start guide DE EN
T-Rex operating manual DE EN