T-Rex S-1224

T-REX 1224 CNC MIll

Portal milling machine and engraving machine with ball screw,linear guiding and bellows

Our new one especially for 2D and 3D panel processing

14.889,00 €

(excl. German VAT)

Portal Milling CNC Router T-REX 1224

With our new T-Rex version of our well-known High-Z CNC-milling machine, you purchase a top technology and well-tried technic combined in one machine.

Ball screw drives, bellow-protected HIWIN or/and THK linear carriages, solid steel frame ( type 0609 and 0712 even constructed as cast-steel frame ) characterize this machine-series.

The High-Z/T-Rex was mainly designed for industrial panel processing, milling, cutting, engraving etc.

Solidly constructed components, high precision of all mechanical components and a torsion-resistant steel frame allow working with almost all materials!

By using recirculating ball screws a High-Z/T-Rex CNC-milling machine achieves fantastic precision and an almost immeasurable backlash of +/-0,01 mm.

Simultaneously, high feed rates up to 17.000 mm/minute can be achieved, due to the extremly high performance of our new ZERO3 engine control (depending on driven contour shapes).

Therewith the machine lays in the speed sector of more expensive servo-driven CNC-machines!

Here you can view a video featuring a High-Z/T-REX. ( milling processing in hard PVC )

Thereby this new machine-series is applicable in the commercial and industrial sector for CNC-engraving, CNC-milling, CNC-drilling, CNC-measuring, CNC-cutting and even for dosing-systems to for example apply glue, dispersions etc. to 3D contours.

The CNC milling machines are equipped with energy chains on the axes. Furthermore all CNC-units. supplied by us are equipped with an additional power socket on the Z-axis for tangential knives, HF milling spindles etc.

Technical Data, accessory and prices

Technical data T-Rex milling machine with ball screw spindles and bellowsT-REX 1224
Article number120040
Travel X-axis2400 mm
Travel Y-axis1200 mm
Travel Z-axis130 mm
Max. hight clearance Z (upper edge of t-groove
plate / lower edge bridge)
130 mm
Clamping Area X / Y on grooved panel2800 x 1340 mm
Length x width x hight over all in cm310x180x142
Weight ca.500 kg
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width X/Y15/15 mm
Linear guidings HIWIN / THK; width Z / Ø15 mm
Ball screws/spindles X / Y / Z : Ø32/16/16
Frame constructionsteel
Guidings Z Ø16 mm
Steps/revolution 1/10 micro-step2000
Slope ball screw spindle X/Y/Z10/10/5 mm
Programmable resolution minimal (Z)0,0025 mm
Backlash+/- 0,015 mm
Repeatable accuracy0,01 mm
Max. rapid speed, measured diagonal travel X
+ Y
12.000 mm/min
Operating speed max.8.000 mm/min
incl. CNC-control Zero3 / 5-channe
Supported operating systems: Windows / Linux
incl. T-slot table made of aluminium (f. short
time )
incl. milling software KinetiC-NC
incl. shielded IGUS cabling
incl. Full version software CADCAM
ConstruCam 3D with
post-processor for Win PCNC and MACH3
Price in EUR
(excl. German VAT)
14.889,00 €
A CE compliant commissioning of our CNC machines requires the assembly of the safety enclosure and the suction adapter.
Operating instructions
T-Rex quick-start guideDEEN
T-Rex operating manualDEEN