Tangential knife cutter TCM-4

Tangential knife cutter TCM-4 Ecocam

Tangential knife/cutter TCM-4:
CNC flatbed cutting plotter

for contour cutting of foils, paper and cardboard.

  • Connection set foreign machine
    € 1.310,19
  • Connection set High-Z
    € 1.354,22

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Tangential knife cutter TCM-4


  • encapsulated electronics housing from aluminium
  • locking setting wheel for pressure control
  • display of the pressure force
  • Euro neck 43mm
  • locking device for immersion depth adjustment
  • Teflon sliding element
  • high-quality VHM blades
  • high-quality stepper or servo motors
  • 25-pin D-SUB central connector

Accessories and options for the tangential knife cutter:

  • solid carbide blades available for various cutting applications
  • the blades have a 6mm shank and are compatible with commercially available knives
  • Teflon sliding attachments with different diameters are available
  • spring sets with different pressure values
  • scoring wheels for processing corrugated board and cardboard

Double tool head in modular design for tangential knife cutter units:

  • For the use of the tangential cutting units, we offer a multiple adapters. Each holder has linear bearings and is equipped with high-quality elastomer end position dampers. They can be adjusted pneumatically or electrically.
  • With the additional use of the oscillating tangential knife EOT-3 you can also cut thicker materials such as rubber seals.

Combination of cutting units and milling motors / HF spindles:

  • Thanks to the modular design, the combination of different cutting units and milling motors / HF-spindles is possible.
  • You only need to loosen one screw to exchange individual tools quickly and easily.

Easy to install due to the good documentation:

  • Comprehensive documentation is included in the delivery.
  • The cutting head can be operated with various CNC controls.

Click here for the Oscillating Tangential Knife accessory, which is suitable for much thicker and firmer materials due to the oscillation!

additional info:

All those who are interested in a CNC cutting plotter: Our tangential knives can also be operated via our software ConstruCAM-3D and KinetiC-NC. Thus, the CNC machine is perfectly suited for cutting foils.

Data TCM4

Stepper motor


Servo motor

Housing height approx. 192 mm 219 mm
Housing width approx. 58 mm
Housing depth approx. 86 mm
Distance from center of round shot to the rear side of housing approx. 29 mm
Weight approx. 2.500 g
Diameter round adapter 43 mm Euro neck
Blade stroke approx. 8 mm
Blade shank solid carbide shank 6 mm-H7 with Weldon chucks
Blade adjustment fixation via Weldon chuck
Turning range 360 degrees, no stop available, a revolving operation  is possible
Sliding shoe PTFE-sliding element with various support diameters
Connector D-SUB male 25-pin D-SUB male 25-pin


power connector

Power supply

position electronics

12V DC voltage
Actuator control stepper motor output stage

(not included in delivery)

external servo driver
User manuals
Operating manual Tangential module TCM 3 EN