Toggle clamp

Toggle clamp vertical and horizontal clamping

small toggle clamp lever clamp with mountig plate

The toggle clamps made of cold-rolled steel are ideal for fast and secure clamping.

Suitable for flat material as well as for individual shapes and workpieces.

Available with an adapter plate made of aluminum (incl. screws and sliding blocks) in a set for a T-slot plate with slot 8 or without an adapter plate.

from 8,33 €

(incl. German VAT)

Toggle clamp versatile & quick in use

The toggle clamp made from cold-rolled steel

Made of cold-rolled steel with a galvanized finish as a toggle clamp feature increases corrosion resistance. A handle sheathed in non-slip, oil-resistant plastic provides comfortable and safe handling.

The toggle clamp provides you with versatile and quick options for clamping differently shaped workpieces on the T-slot plate of your CNC machine or wooden workbench. The toggle clamps are equally suitable for repetitive work and individual clamping. Depending on the type of toggle clamp, the force is applied from above or the side to the workpiece.

small toggle clamp with adapter plate

Simple and fast clamping

This type of toggle clamps serves as a holding and mounting device and enables a quick and practical change of the clamped objects. This clamping method is particularly well suited for flat sheet materials such as metal sheets or wooden boards. These clamping devices simplify clamping enormously and thus increase the workflow, ultimately saving corresponding time and, therefore, cash.

Toggle clamp including matching adapter plate

Our toggle clamps and push-pull toggle clamps are optionally equipped with a matching adapter plate made of aluminum so that you can mount those directly in various positions on a T-slot plate with slot 8. The adapter plate sets are thus usable for our High-Z machines and the AceroDURO, which are equipped with T-slot plates slot 8 as standard.

On request, we can also provide adapter plates for other machine series from our company or other T-slot plates. ➤ Contact us directly.

Furthermore, in addition to the positive side effect of quick and easy assembly, this plate has the option of individual positioning. Besides, you can clamp thicker materials due to the assembly height of this adapter plate.

If you don’t use a T-slot table but process your project on a workbench, you can easily attach the toggle clamps with the help of a few screws and therefore achieve a secure fixation.

small push-pull toggle clamp with adapter plate

The adapter is mounted directly on the T-slot plate with slot 8 using two slot nuts. The screws and slot nuts for mounting are included in the practical set with the adapter plate.

To fix the adapter plate, you only need 2 M4 screws and fix them with a 3mm Allen key. Thus, one achieves an absolutely stable and safe clamping result within a few seconds, as the plate facilitates handling.

Ex-works we do not deliver the toggle clamp pre-assembled to the adapter plate. With the four screws included in the set, the toggle clamp, like the push-pull toggle clamp, is attached to the aluminum adapter plate. Therefore, according to your application, you can freely mount the toggle clamp in different directions on this adapter.

Dimensions of the adapter plates suitable for slot 8 and screws:

  • 60 x 60 x 8 mm (M5 hole for mounting the large toggle clamp on the adapter plate; M5 hole for fixing on the T-slot plate).
  • 60 x 25 x 8 mm (M3 hole for mounting the small toggle clamp and the push-pull toggle clamp on the adapter plate; M4 hole for mounting on the T-slot plate)
small push-pull toggle clamp with adapter plate

Continuously adjustable and gentle on the material

The continuously adjustable and material-protecting screw with rubber thrust piece allows even more precise positioning and can then be fixed in the selected position by the lock nut. In addition, the press-on rubber head of the toggle clamp has the advantage that it leaves no traces, marks, or pressure points on the workpiece surface while clamping it.

Different designs of toggle clamps

The horizontal toggle clamp

The clamping arm and lever of the horizontal toggle clamp move towards or from each other, and the force acts on the workpiece from above.
For clamping the clamping lever must be pressed down and is then in a horizontal position as soon as the clamping position is reached. The rubberized pressure screw of the toggle clamp is movable and step-less adjustable.

Use for material thicknesses as thin as 0.1 mm

The horizontal toggle clamp can be used to prepare workpieces for drilling, bending, engraving, milling or cutting and to fasten them quickly and conveniently at specific points. And this is even possible from a material thickness of 0.1 mm, such as thin sheet metal or printed circuit boards. When you mount the toggle clamp on the supplied adapter plate, you can use the small toggle clamp for workpieces up to approx. 6 mm height and the large one up to approx. 18 mm height.

small push-pull toggle clamp with adapter plate

As pressure and tension clamp usable

Due to the locking in both end positions, these toggle clamps can be used as pressure and tension clamps. When using a horizontal toggle clamp, a fixed point on the work surface should be set up as a stop, if possible. Push-pull clamps can fix higher objects from a minimum height of 15 mm upwards and hold them in position. You have to judge the maximum height of the workpieces you want to work on according to your discretion and the circumstances.

Push-pull toggle clamp

The push-pull toggle clamp is a clamp that fixes the workpiece with force from the side, whereby the clamping lever and the push rod move in the same direction. That means that the pushrod also moves forward as soon as the lever is moved forward.

small push-pull toggle clamp with adapter plate

How to assemble the toggle clamp?

As the name suggests, toggle clamps are quick and easy to assemble, particularly interesting for series production.

If you purchase the adapter plate set, there are 8 or 13 holes in this plate, depending on the size of the toggle clamp. On the one hand, that ensures easy mount of the toggle clamp on the adapter plate and, on the other hand, quick assembling directly on the T-slot plate with slot 8 using two sliding blocks. Due to the adapter plate, you will achieve a stable and safe clamping result within a few seconds, facilitating handling.

The toggle clamp is fixed on the aluminum adapter plate with four screws. You can assemble the clamp in different directions depending on the application to work individually.

Variants Price incl. German VAT
Toggle clamp small € 8,33
Toggle clamp small – set with adapter plate slot 8 € 16,66
Toggle clamp large € 9,52
Toggle clamp large – set with adapter plate slot 8 € 17,85
Push-pull toggle clamp € 10,71
Push-pull toggle clamp – set with adapter plate slot 8 € 19,04