Water Jet Cutter

HPC – Water Jet Cutter with 3800 bar / 55.000 PSI

Illustrations of the HPC system are for reference only, the actual product differs.

Water Jet Cutter

With High Pressure Pump / Plunger Pump (without pressure intensifier)!

Goodbye wage service and service provider

Buy an inexpensive water jet cutter for precise, clean cuts in almost all conceivable materials with pure water or abrasive water cutting! Cutting up to about 150 mm thick steel or stone!

Special highlight:

High-end 3800 bar plunger pump – high pressure pump from HAMMELMANN® – Minimum follow-up costs and up to 36% efficiency – Increase compared to pressure intensifier pumps!

from 78.540,00€

(incl. German VAT)

Water Jet Cutter 3800 bar

HPC-2015 / 2515 / 3015

Investing in a new production technology with the technology of tomorrow and the price of yesterday

With the water jet cutter of the type HPCa new, a refreshing wind blows through your production plant. The technology of water jet cutting offers you entirely new production possibilities. And all this at a previously unknown, incredibly low-price level. German quality from the brandmanufacturer CNC-STEP.

No distortion due to heat as with lasers

Cut stainless steel sheets and many other heat-sensitive materials free of distortion with the water jet cutter HPC. This is because it brings no heat in the form of radiation energy (lasers) or friction (during milling) into the material you want to process.

Cut up to 150 mm thick steel parts or other materials

Exact cuts in any material, as well as in steel or stainless steel are the result, on our machines even up to 150 mm thickness. Since we have done experiments with the cutting of a 150 mm high anvil. This was cut through within 29 minutes on a cutting length of about 120 mm. This time could have been reduced because we had achieved a quite good cutting quality and had cut our 60 mm high worktable grid underneath the workpiece smoothly! Therefore, we assume that also 200 mm thick steel can be cut!

To the exact workpiece – without waiting times – independent of the contract cutter!

With the HPC cutter, you can take the production processes for waterjet cut parts into your own hands and thus no longer be tied to contract cutting companies. Besides, you can work much more cost-effectively in the long term. Of course you also save yourself much trouble if the company working for you does not work correctly according to your quality requirements.

Semi-automatic water level regulation at the push of a button

Cutting with the HPC always takes place under water to keep the noise level and the degree of contamination of the machine as low as possible. Underwater cutting up to about 60 mm workpiece height can be realized with the machine. You can rise the water level to the corresponding height at the push of a button, controlled by adjustable water level sensors. And it also lowers within a few seconds after the cutting process. Obviously, you can likewise work without the water level regulation. However, you will love this intelligent special function, which we have integrated free of charge.

Brand quality from Germany and Switzerland

The high-quality German and Swiss components used in our cutting system sum up our concept. The entire system is basing on the portal unit “RaptorX-SL”, which we developed 12 years ago. This unit has already proven itself in the industrial sector many times and has been produced by us more than 100 times and sold internationally.

High-pressure pump from HAMMELMANN® Germany / Abrasive system and cutting head from Allfi® Switzerland

The high-pressure pump used by us from the leading German company for high-pressure pumps, company HAMMELMANN®, is not only extremely powerful but also impresses with its extreme ease of maintenance and its very high energy efficiency of up to 96%!

Hydraulic pressure intensifier pump vs mechanical plunger pump

Due to the high maintenance intensity and the low efficiency of only approx. 60% of the pressure intensifier pumps, we have deliberately chosen the much more maintenance-friendly and highly efficient variant of high-pressure pumps. The mechanical plunger pump with an efficiency of up to 96%, whose most essential components function like a system that has been proven a hundred million times over – the combustion engine with the crankshaft.

Good for your energy balance and your wallet: because where 15 kW are added, about 14.4 kW arrive at the cutting nozzle and not only about 9 kW, as is the case with pressure intensifier technology.

3800 bar pressure – a water jet cutter with up to 4.0 L/min flow rate

3800 bar pressure is available at the pump outlet while cutting! We also offer two different drive motor versions, with 15 kW and 30 kW, which guarantee flow rates of 2.0 litres to 4.0 litres per minute at a maximum pressure of 3800 bar! Accordingly, you are equipped for any kind of work in almost all materials, if you wish.

Long warranty period of the high-pressure pump of 24 months on new systems

The warranty period for theHAMMELMANN® high-pressure pump is 24 months after commissioning but after a maximum of 2000 operating hours and max. 18 months after dispatch. This is unique in the high-pressure pump sector. Most companies only offer a maximum “Inclusive warranty period” of 12 months and 1000 hours. Often only a warranty is given on the pump.

Deliberately no bellows over the triple sealed HIWIN linear guides

We have intentionally omitted the bellows above the linear guides. For important reasons: “What I don’t know, I don’t care to know” – you know that, right? Your employees feel the same way if the linear guides under the bellows slowly but surely get dirty and, depending on the linear guide used, may show signs of corrosion due to the continually rising “water vapour”.

Video HPC Water Jet Cutter

Water Jet Cutter

Stainless steel processing

Tile processing – Ceramic tiles

Steel processing – 1.0570 S355J2+N (ST 52-3)

Natural stone processing – Greywacke

Concrete block processing

Flow rates of the HDP / Overview table

No penetration of dirt/abrasive into the carriages

After all, the intrusion of dirt is not an issue, as we use the highest possible sealing for heavy industry for the carriages!

Since we always cut under water, there is almost no splash water and therefore no abrasive flight. If, however, the guides become dirty or otherwise damaged, the employee can always counteract the problem by visual inspection. After the shift, wipe the guides once with a dry cloth – a 5-minute effort – and you are always on the safe side that there will be no problems with your linear guides in the long term.

Pressure test on the HPC water jet cutter

The purpose of a pressure test is to check whether the performance of the pump used is constant. We have also performed this test on our HPC water jet cutter.

To do this, insert an analogue pressure gauge between the cutting nozzle and the water pipe and then start the high-pressure pump. The measured values during start, stop and pumping are continuously measured. Only pure water is used for this test. In conclusion, you get a good overview of whether the water pressure of the pump is within limits for the intended use and meets the technical requirements.

Buying a water jet cutter – a matter of trust

To buy such a system requires research into manufacturers and clarification for the operator that a good supply of spare parts is guaranteed and proper support provided in the future. Thanks to our use of high-priced brand-name components and 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, we can serve and fulfil all these parameters to the best customer satisfaction. Buying a water jet cutter is a matter of trust. We are the partner at your side. From the consultation until years after the purchase.

Live support free of charge & for life

The purchase of the water jet cutter naturally includes our life-long and free live support. This distinguishes us from many competitors, where personal support for CNC machines, accessories and software is completely missing or you must purchase additionally. A CNC machine from German development and own German production! Quality Made in Germany, as well as excellent customer service, have priority with us.

As soon as you are completely satisfied, we reach our goal

Our personal service begins with the first contact with you and ends when you sell the CNC machine you received from us. But also, the new owner gets support by us accordingly. Because our free support is valid for the whole life of the machine.

Models of the HPC series