Wood milling – CNC Woodworking


General information

Workpiece:Wooden signs, nutshells, bicycle frame
Material:hardwood, beech, maple, poplar, glued wood, chipboards
Application type:2D milling and 3D milling
Used machines and software:High-Z router, wood cutting bit
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Wood milling with the High-Z

With our high performance cnc router machines you can mill in much different materials, also in hard wood. Here you find some examples for wood milling appilications for 2D milling in wood, hard wood and MDF: Hockey Sticks, Guitars, wood tables from leaf, nut dishes and other wooden parts.

Escher & Co.

3D CNC woodworking / Escher triangle, staircase, ballpoint pen, candlestick and marquetry

Professor Elber from Israel: makes great things with his High-Z S-720 CNC-3D milling machine. From the wooden teapot to marquetry work in ballpoint pens, to the world-famous 3D objects from Escher, everything is at hand.

All of the works displayed on the right were produced highly precise with one of our CNC milling machines. Woodworking is done reliably, precisely and without great effort, as in the photographs shown right. Difficult 3D objects are realized in shortest time. With the help of appropriate software, wooden sculptures can be 3D-milled on our machines.

2D milling wood

All wood varieties work – no problem

All wood types can be processed with our CNC units. With soft wood, infeed depths of up to 25 mm can be achieved, in hardwood about 10-16 mm. Everything always depends on the spindle speeds and feeds that are used.Alle Holzsorten bearbeiten – kein Problem

Whether it is poplar, birch, maple, beech or oak, the High-Z will give you the best results. Only the selection of the right wood cutter must be well thought-out as with all other materials, as there are short and long-fiber wood. We offer a wide range of milling tools for you.

Milling a wooden nutbowl / snackbowl

In the example on the right, a customer mills a wooden nut bowl to present different nuts. Here also a radius cutter or form cutter is used which is responsible for the rounded edges at the top of the nut shell. For such work in hardwood a stable basic construction and powerful brushless motors are basic requirements.

In the picture gallery we show the entire workflow including the milling work, which was necessary for this wonderful woodwork.

2.5D CNC milling in wood

Plates, signs and toys / CNC routing on hard beech wood

You can work out all imaginable shapes in beech wood. Wood plates, wood toys, wood construction sets, signs or former for planes are realized very fast and simple without programmer knowledge.

Especially in the area of woodworking there are almost no limits in the processing possibilities with the machines. This makes CNC model making an wood processing really joyfull!

3d woodworking

3D milling glued beech wood

The milling of wood in 3D belongs to the versatile possibilities of a CNC milling machine. A prototype for a handle for serial production was milled in hard beech or glue wood. Prototype construction is often milled in a solid material. Very well suited to this is also glued beech wood, since the finished surface is very smooth.

The finished surface is smoothed as with abrasive paper after finishing.

A short hour working time was required for the complete machining with a D8mm radius milling cutter. The design and NC programming of the part were carried out with software from SCHOTT SYSTEME.

Milling hardwood – Test with different woods

Wenge, sapele, sycamore, ebony, jatoba, pockwood, amazakoue and oak

A customer from Romania inquired about the possibility of CNC routing / machining on very hard woods. The task was to use a 2 mm milling drill and drill the total depths of approx. 11 mm in one production step. Some woods have a consistency of 145N/mm2 and more!!

Using a 4 mm or 6 mm milling drill one can easily drill 30 mm/second. It was very surprising that the 2 mm milling drill did not break when drilling a 10 mm cutting depth.

  • Wenge
  • Sapele
  • Platane
  • Ebony
  • Jutoba
  • Pockwood
  • Snakewood
  • Oak