Wood turning and wood lathe

3D CNC milling works on wood

It is so simple: You construct a curve in CorelDraw (see video here) and export it as plt/hpgl file. Clamp the working part and sight to zero point in X, Y and Z. Choose zero point in WIN PCNC (new function), right sight below. Start …
No matter if a chess piece or a chair leg, take advantage of the High-Z CNC milling machine right now as a multi-tool-machine, milling, engraving, turning, dosing, plasma torching and others. The turning results are smooth and polished. Here we have done something very quickly. We are sure that you will gain an even better result and are more creative!

Immediately available

Our wood turning kit turns your High-Z into a CNC turning lathe/lathe machine. Only a few movements and you have a complete changeover.

We could not find a solid little CNC turning lathe at a reasonable price anywhere. Was there anything closer than bridging this market gap?

Workpiece:Table leg
Axis travel:X=1000 mm; Y=600 mm; Z= 110 mm
Application type:3D milling / wood turning
Used machines and accessoires:High-Z S720, wood turning module, 3mm wood cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D; WinPC-NC