Wood tunrning lathe – CNC wood turning machine

drechselbank 80er futter

The “turning-KIT” from CNC-STEP turns your High-Z into a CNC lathe / wood turner. Everything is converted in just a few steps.


1.023,40 €

(incl.  German VAT)

Features turning lathe

Wood turning lathe / CNC module – description

CNC wood turning and turning with the High-Z

A solid small CNC lathe for a reasonable price, nowhere to find. What could be better than closing this gap in the market?One thing in advance: Anyone who has always been looking for a CNC lathe, with our CNC machines now also has the option of using our ConstruCAM 3D software, which can even be CNC-controlled in dimensions of up to approx. 500 mm in length and diameter of approx. 70 mm as the software takes over the contour input and G-code creation for you.

Nothing has to be programmed for this!

Retrofittable for every portal milling machine!

Our “Wood turning Kit” contains all parts required for wood turning:

  • High-torque polishing motor from Fein or Würth (description [PDF]),
  • Tailstock with revolving tip and 50 mm quill stroke
  • Three-jaw chuck to outer diameter 80mm (pictured above show the smaller chuck, which we no longer deliver, new pictures below) including matching V2A adapter holder for the polishing motor / horizontally and vertically applicable and aluminum adapter flange for the chuck
  • Additional locking ring for the polishing motor
  • T groove plate 730mm length incl.
  • Reinforcement profile 60×60
  • 14 T-nuts and a
  • Special cutter with 6mm diameter and 32mm cutting length for wood.

Description drive motor of the lathe:

One of the lightest in its class. With only 2.3 kg, it is one of the lightest angle polishers in this class – and therefore also has an optimal power to weight ratio.


Product features:

  • Long, slim handle
  • Innovative switch concept
  • HIGH POWER MOTOR and gear reduction
  • Double bearing of the main bearing
  • 900-2700 rpm
  • More power, less weight.
    The Würth PM 200 E does not give up even under high pressure. HIGH POWER MOTOR with two-stage gear reduction applies a torque that is known otherwise only from large polishing machines, at only 2.3 kilograms.
  • Work without interruption.
    With the Würth PM 200 E, there is no overheating even in continuous operation. The gear head stays cool. Therefore, an often annoying overload circuit can be eliminated as well as costly work interruptions. And even speed fluctuations under load are a thing of the past.
  • Perfect start speed.
    The Würth PM 200 E always starts with the lowest speed of 900 rpm. (Important for turning with our High-Z CNC milling machines).


Among our examples we also show pictures and a video of wood turning.