Wooden motorcycle

Workpiece:Wooden motorcycle
Material:Multiplex, MDF, solid rubber
Application type:2D milling, laserengraving
Machine and accessories used:High-Z S-1400/T-105, Laser engraver, Wood milling bit, Tool length sensor
Software used:Aspire by Vectric


Harley Davidson made of wood

Our dear Stefan from DS Wood-Design processes on his High-Z/T CNC router different kinds of wood, from which he usually makes cutting boards. But this time, it goes in a completely different direction, and something breathtaking comes out of it: a wooden motorcycle. So to say, a Harley Davidson in miniature.

The idea

In this exciting DIY project, DS Wood-Design builds a wooden motorcycle. The original idea came from Stefan’s 5-year-old son. And according to the first planning of the two, initially, a balance bike was to be created, which fortunately for us took a completely different path. Otherwise, we would not be able to marvel at this excellent result today.

Since the maker of DS Wood-Design is highly creative and, as we know by now, does not avoid any challenges in woodworking, the ambition gripped him here as well. As Stefan himself puts it, “The bike and the attention to detail grew more and more every day, and my boy’s enthusiasm was incredible.”

So now, the idea of a wooden motorcycle has matured, and he was able to make this unique piece in about 65 hours of work.

Wooden motorcycle saddle and tank

Wooden motorcycle made of multiplex

The wooden motorcycle is mostly made of 21 mm multiplex, for which Stefan milled a total of 115 individual parts, stained them in walnut and joined them together. What was advantageous for him in this process, among other things, is the extra-large work surface of the High-Z S-1400/T-105, which has dimensions of 1400 x 1050 mm.

To get an idea of the size of the wooden motorcycle, here are some details:

  • the top of the tank is at the height of 67 cm
  • the front wheel is 11 cm wide
  • the rear wheel is 21.5 cm wide.

Both wheels are covered double with solid rubber, and the tires’ tread was applied to the material with our 5.5-watt laser module.

Our tool length sensor has also proven to be very helpful. Although it is only a small accessory, it can save you a lot of time and hassle when preparing and setting up the cutting tools or engraving bits.

Other components such as brakes, suspension, fork

Other components of this unique wooden motorcycle include, for example, a fully functional electric motor with 250 watts, a belt that realizes the transmission. The power supply is done by 2x 12-volt batteries, connected in series.

A 250 mm shock absorber serves as the suspension of the rear wheel and is equipped with a disc brake of 160 mm in diameter, including caliper. By pressing the brake lever on the handlebars, you can activate the brake of the wooden motorcycle, as a wire rope connects both components.

Wooden motorcycle multiplex frame

With integrated lighting

DS Wood-Design has also shown diligence and sophistication in the lighting of the wooden motorcycle because when pressing the ignition key, the parking light shines up in the front and rear. And of course, as befits a proper wooden Harley Davidson, the brake lever also activates the brake light simultaneously.

Authentic look for a wooden motorcycle

Stefan milled the engine and air filter out of MDF material and then painted them accordingly for that authentic look. The exhaust system is made of HT pipe, which is also sealed with paint. All in all, he has succeeded in creating a real eye-catcher and a true masterpiece with this wooden motorcycle, which his son will no doubt have a lot of fun with.

Once again, that shows that you can implement all the projects you want to tackle with passion and creativity. And it is not uncommon for our CNC milling machines to provide excellent support for these creative minds in various areas and countless applications.

Wooden motorcycle rear wheel from multiplex