Zippo lighter engraving

Workpiece:Zippo lighter
Material:Chrome over brass
Axis travel:400 mm x 300 mm
Application type:Diamond engraving
Used machines and accessoires:Engraving machine High-Z, Diamond engraving bit holder
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Zippo lighter engraving

Refinement of glass items, diamond engravings and sandblast works on glass metal, Zippo lighter

Glas Thole Ltd. has extended its range of articles and has become a lot more flexible after purchasing a High-Z CNC engraving machine. Within no time the product range of beautiful glass and metal works has increased.

The scoring of the metal in various directions gives the material a fantastic glimmer effect, which would have never been reached with the laser engraving method.

Due to the CNC engraving machine, Glas Thole Ltd. is able to respond short-term to individual customer requirements. Have more success.