The smart 1.6 Megahertz Network 6-axis industry – CNC control of the future

Screenshots of the 3D real-time graphics display

If you choose our KinetiC-NC software, you will receive the Zero4 CNC control with integrated KinetiC-NC instead of the Zero3

630,70 €

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The software KinetiC-NC is the smart, future-oriented network CNC control for up to 6 axes.

It is controlled via our special hardware “CnCPod”

Plug & Play – It’s that easy!

All machines and accessories are preconfigured in the software. Simply select the machine you have purchased and get started. Nothing needs to be configured.

Conclusion: High productivity thanks to KinetiC-NC and without a long try-out!

That`s KineticNC:

  • Only one version for all applications!
  • Plug & Play via auto-machine parameter SetUp! (Select CNC STEP machine type during installation, and you’re ready)
  • Every update for all users free! (Lifetime for all basic functions)
  • Top Overview by “ButtonReduct”! (Only the buttons important for the respective page are displayed)
  • Step frequency: 1,6 MHz for each axis!
  • Maximum number of axes: 6 axes!
  • Connection to PC via: Network

Kinetic NC – Leading through Innovation

Facts and data

KinetiC-NC / 1.6 MHz with CnCPod Hardware

CNC control software / milling software with top features – Directional – NEW

predefined set of parameters

predefined set of Parameters for all CNC STEP models

  1. Step frequence: 1,6 MHz for each axis!
  2. Maximum usable number of axes: 6 
  3. PC Connection via: Network
  4. Graphical 3D display with milling presentation and web preview
  5. 3D simulation in demo mode
  6. Plug & Play Auto parameterettings for all CNC-STEP machines
  7. Industrial offset management with G54 – G59 and parking position
  8. Processing of all NC programs according to DIN ISO (G code)
  9. High process reliability: stop processing – continue without step loss in the event of a fault, crashed PC etc. by buffer underflow
  10. Flexibility: Ovulation at any program Location
  11. Simplicity: No additional network card required – auto-detection of the Hardware
  12. Optimized track preview with shock limitation and adjustable lateral acceleration
  13. Automatic adjustment of feed rates to the curve
  14. Improved surface quality due to reduced jitter during Interpolation
  15. Integrated text editor with color syntax highlighting
  16. Feed Override 0-150% while processing
  17. All machine settings can be imported and exported, also partial quantities.
  18. Range monitoring of all axes with softlimits
  19. Connectable Input devices: Keyboard – Wireless keyboard – handwheel
  20. Freely definable hotkeys
  21. Makroprogramming (for example for turret magazines – robot arms, etc.
  22. Automatic tool changer for up to 20 stations
  23. Spindle speed output via PWM 0-10 Volt
  24. Double drive X1 and X2 or Y1 and Y2 (in preparation)
  25. Automatic tool changer can be controlled
  26. Automatic Rotation axis (also for tangential knives)
  27. Drum engraving on circular surfaces
  28. Freely programmable user macros Statistics Part counter – Operating hours

    Statistik Teilezähler - Betriebsstunden

    Statistik Teilezähler – Betriebsstunden

  29. Parts Counter Reset
  30. Operating hour meter
  31. Engraving via GranitoGrav or laser engraving unit
  32. Styrofoam profile cutting
  33. Backlash compensation
  34. All signal outputs short-circuit-proof – CNCPod can not be destroyed like other systems by USB or LPT mis-signals
  35. Suitable for servomotor

The smart network connection from KinetiC-NC

The network connection, also known as Ethernet, is an industrially standardized connection via shielded, interference-resistant cables. The transmission is completely isolated and differential. A network connection is EMV-proof, tested in a harsh industrial environment and very fast.

Network CNC Control

Network CNC Control

Further advantages are that each PC has a built-in RJ45 Ethernet interface, there is no restriction on the operating system used. The cable length in an Ethernet segment can be> 100m, the connection via switches is possible, so that without problems several machines in a network can be operated simultaneously.

The user does not have to configure anything, just connect it. The software finds the machine completely by itself. It can be controlled by any number of modules, eg for switching inputs and outputs.


  1. Industrial standard connection via shielded, interference-resistant cables
  2. Maximum stepping frequency of 1.6 MHz (which is about 15x faster than USB CNC solutions and the fastest in this price segment worldwide)
  3. No failures in grounding problems
  4. If PC fails or is not 100% real-time, the machine remains controlled and it can be worked on after rebooting the PC, it is also possible to re-enter the current program at an earlier stage and carry on where the program was stopped.
  5. Several machines can be connected directly to a control Computer.
  6. Number of axes in the case of KinetiC-NC extended to up to 6 axes
  7. The number of inputs and outputs can be expanded almost without limitation
  8. Cable lengths in an Ethernet segment can be up to 100m in length
  9. User does not need to configure anything (when using KinetiC-NC and CncPOD). Just connect it.Conclusion: Only with a network connection is a worry-free, reliable operation possible.

2. Control of the machine

Independent processor with path calculation

The KinetiC-NC is based on a self-contained, fast processor, which independently calculates the acceleration ramps and signal outputs for the axes. The 32bit processor with 8 cores is extremely powerful.

Step frequencies up to 1.6 MHz per axis

Proximity frequencies up to 1.6MHz (1600kHz) can be output per axis, so there is no limitation for high-precision and extremely fast servo drives.

KinetiC-NC CncPOD Netzwerk Controller

KinetiC-NC CncPOD Netzwerk Controller

The processor independently calculates brake and acceleration ramps. If the connection fails to the control computer, the machine brakes controlled and waits until the connection can be restored.

Even pulling out of the network cable or switching off of the control computer (power failure) does not disturb the machine. The tool and workpiece remain protected, the position of the machine is maintained, and the machining can be continued at any time.

Conclusion: Only a separate processor, independent of the control PC, is reliable.

3. Waveform and power stages, jitter and lost steps

Most of the existing control systems do not use dynamically calculated braking and acceleration ramps but fixed specifications. This leads to vibrations, resonances, sudden movements. The pulse output is frequency-dependent, means the pulses are not always the same. Directional changes are not always output 100% synchronously with the clock signals.

Lossless without Jitter an step loss

Lossless without Jitter an step loss

As a result, the motors can sometimes be “forgotten” or jittered, and the motors run unclean.The KinetiC-NC calculates the brake ramp every time, outputs the signals with frequency-independent precision, the clock ratio is always 50%. Change of directions are always executed precisely and accurately.

So there is neither the possibility of “forgetting” jitter nor tact . The engines run smoothly and have more torque. There is absolutely no adjustment or adjustment to power amplifiers from different manufacturers necessary.

Conclusion: Thanks to its own processor, signals are output precisely and cleanly. This system is unique among the well-known step-direction controllers.

4. Short circuit protection

All KinetiC-NC signal outputs are short-circuit-proof. In contrast to many products on the market, the cnc pod can not be destroyed by faulty cables, also the control PC is protected if the machine has a defect.

Conclusion: Increased security for the control PC and the connected hardware thanks to KinetiC-NC

Outstanding advantages of the CncPod accurately explained ….

Interference immunity

Compared to USB solutions, data Transmission via Ethernet has the advantage that it is less sensitive to electromagnetic interference. The supply voltage is electrically isolated from the PC (for supply via an extra power supply).

Automatic recognition

Unlike other network solutions, no IP address must be assigned, no additional network card must be installed, and the system configuration of the network interfaces does not have to be changed. The CncPod is automatically recognized by the software. You may use switches, and several devices may be operated on the same Network.

Step signal: Signal timing

In software-based signal generators there are always problems with the timing. Too short pulses lead to problems with long lines or slow optocouplers. Insufficient distance between step flanks and directional changes lead to position errors. Customers feel overwhelmed by the correct setting of timing.

The CNC-Pod avoids this by a special duty cycle independent of the frequency. State change of the directional signal occurs with a minimum μs distance from the preceding and following edge.

Thus, the signal is compatible with all motor drivers, without having to make any settings. This is m.W. Unique to all step / direction-based controllers.

Short circuit protection

All signal outputs are short-circuit proof. In contrast to almost all CNC controls available on the market, the cnc pod can not be destroyed by faulty LPT cables! This makes the system extremely process-safe and minimizes follow-up costs.

Protection against step losses by buffer underrun

In the case of buffer underrun, the ramp is always braked controlled. There is no risk of a step loss if the PC or the network connection is overloaded at short notice, which leads to delays in data transmission.

In other systems, in this case, the controller would slow without a ramp and a trouble free work would not be possible.

High resolution of 1.6 megahertz

The maximum step output frequency is about 1.6 MHz at the same time on all axes. As a result, no compromises between resolution and traversing speed are necessary.

For example, a system with 0.5μm resolution (corresponding to 10000 steps / revolution with a 5mm pitch) could still travel at 0.75m / s or 45m / min.

Very low jitter due to multi-core technology

In the case of the CNC pod, the step signals of all axes are generated independently in a separate processor core and with higher temporal resolution as a pulse.

This results, even with interpolated drive of multiple axes simultaneously, a very small frequency fluctuation (jitter) and thus a better surface than is possible with software-based solutions that can only send out a whole number of pulses in each time interval.

Find many videos on YouTube about this multi language Mega-Software!

User Manuals
KinetiC-NC User Manual EN