Tool changer 6-fold HSK E25 for CNC machines

Tool changer 6-fold HSK E25 for operation on CNC machines

CNC tool changer with HSK-E 25 holders. Can be operated on all CNC machines. Closed, pneumatic, for operation with high-frequency spindles.

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Tool changer HSK / tool changing system

6-fold tool changer/tool changing station for suitable HF spindle for HSK E25 receptacle

We want to present to you our high-quality and closed tool changer.

Due to the compact dimensions and the low weight, this 6-fold changer is specially designed for smaller CNC routers. Of course, it can also be used on a larger milling machine.

Due to the high quality of the materials used and the accuracy of fit of the components, this CNC tool changer is your perfect partner in terms of “chip-protected tool holding without interference”.


  1.     Tool magazine with six tool stations
  2.     Hinged cover to protect against flying chips
  3.     Pneumatic connections on the side
  4.     Integrated tool length sensor
  5.     Tool length (clamped via HSK clamping nut) from 20mm to 100mm with correspondingly suitable adapters (on our machines always suitable without adapter plate thanks to machine design open at the bottom)

The closed 6-fold tool changing station has the decisive advantage of being protected mainly from flying chips during the working process. That ensures a perfect holding function of the holders and a clean tool change even over a long operating time without constantly intervening manually in the machining process due to sensor-triggered interruptions.

Technical data:

6-fold changer for HF spindle for HSK E25 holder
Usable collets HSK E25
Clamping system Spring-loaded
Folding system Double-acting pneumatic cylinder, maintenance-free, min. 4 bar
Concentricity accuracy of mounting stations 0,01 mm
Dimensions and Weight 350 x 120 x 80mm* (*suitable for overtravel height portal High-Z, adapter plate for up to 100mm cutter length available ) Weight approx. 3,2kg
Material Body: aluminum; all receptacles: brass; springs: spring steel
Tool changer Different versions, depending on available space on your machine, from 5-xxx tools on request
Length gauge IP65 stainless steel, accuracy 0,005mmTechnical data:

You can use the CNC tool changer can be used on any CNC machine. We are happy to advise you! Matching: our HF spindle.

Individual HSK E25 tool changer for all HF spindle types on request.

We manufacture your 8-fold or 20-fold changer according to your specific needs. Just get in touch with us. Delivery time approx. 8-10 weeks.

We also offer tool changers with ISO30 receptacles in various designs. These tool changer stations are suitable for our CNC machine series T-Rex N, T-Rex Servo and RaptorX-SL combined with a Hiteco high-frequency spindle.