Rotation Axis / Rotary Table

Rotation Axis RounDINO 120

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Rotation Table – Rotation Axis RounDINO 120. Machining round parts with the 4th axis for milling machines. You can use it as a rotation axis and rotary table.

CNC rotary axis for 360-degree machining on milling machines. The rotation axis gives your 3-axis milling machine the 4th axis and enables it to engrave round workpieces or carry out 360-degree milling work.


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Rotation axis as 4th axis for milling round parts

RounDINO – the 4th axis for portal milling and vertical milling machines

With the CNC rotation axis, we have remained true to our motto:
Stability and dimensional accuracy as well as high quality of the components used for all assemblies!

With this extension, your CNC milling machine gets the 4th axis. That allows you, for example, to mill round parts or create engravings on rounded surfaces.

Precision engineering quality from master craftsmen

This rotary axis is made to order for us by a German precision mechanic. In this price segment, this rotation axis for CNC milling machines is unrivalled in Europe!

Rotation axis also suitable for metal milling

There are many rotary tables on the market. If possible, they have to be inexpensive. You can get a lot of them! Usefulness? That is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. For example, there are many CNC turntables with the cheapest belt transmission. The disadvantages are obvious: slippage due to the belt. If not in the belt drive itself, then on the load or idle side of the belt. Perhaps useful for engraving work. For milling, however, usually not or limited in the choice of material (aluminium 3D milling not possible).

High-precision, ground worm gear drive

Made with the highest quality made in Germany with high-precision, a ground worm drive and holding torque of over 20Nm using only high-quality components. That is the reason you can machine round parts with the lowest tolerances.
That means you can use the CNC router for 3D 360° machining in almost all materials. Even round engravings on Plexiglas are possible without any problems with this CNC accessory. That means for our CNC machine users: Round surface milling of plastic parts, wooden parts, aluminium parts or round parts made of brass, as well as engravings of all kinds.

3D Milling Bamboo

Used as a rotation axis or a rotary table

The CNC rotation axis can be mounted horizontally and vertically due to its integrated 7mm mounting holes. When the centre of the axis is mounted horizontally, it is usually referred to as a rotary axis. When the axis is mounted vertically, it is referred to as a rotary table, as the machining surface then resembles a table. Both variants and the fastening holes on the sides thus ensure the most uncomplicated handling.

Details / technical data of the CNC rotation axis RounDINO:

  • Total height vertical structure: 145 mm
  • Total height horizontal structure: 70 mm
  • centre height: 60 mm
  • Faceplate diameter: 109 mm
  • Maximum chuck diameter: 120mm
  • Axial run-out: 0,025 – 0,04mm
  • Parallelism screw-on surface horizontal / contact surface faceplate : 0,02 – 0,03mm
  • Centring flange diameter : 55 h7 mm
  • Concentricity : 0,015 – 0,025 mm
  • Backlash maximum 0.04
  • Inner taper : MK 1
  • Inner bore / through bore : D=10,3 mm
  • Bearing: 4-fold sealed ball bearing / preloaded, backlash-free
  • Output torque: 20 Nm!
  • Weight: 3,9 Kg
  • High-precision, ground worm drive with gear ratio: 100: 1 / preloaded with disc springs
  • Mounting holes: Diameter 7 mm with spacing 150 mm / 4 vertical, 4 horizontal
  • Speeds at chuck flange: from 0.1 rpm to approx. 3.2 rpm.
  • Step resolution at the output: 160,000 steps per revolution at 1/8 step operation Setting accuracy + /- 1 step corresponds to +/-0.135 angular minutes

Scope of delivery:

  • Rotation axis RounDINO 120
  • Adapter plate for T-slot table

Suitable optionally available accessories: