Zero point switch – button / Tool length sensor

Tool-length sensor for automatic length measuring of cutting-tools.

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Zero point Switch / tool length sensor IP65

What does the German term “Schutzklasse IP65” mean?

  • “Schutzklasse” means Specified Protection Class.
  • IP stands for overall protection against contact and entry of foreign particles and water.
  • 6 (1st digit) stands for protection against dust
  • 5 (2nd digit) stands for protection from rays of water

Magnetic foot for exact measuring and positioning

Additionally, the tool length sensor has a magnetic foot so you can remove it whenever you start your operation. No need for special protection. It is safe from dust and shavings from your operation. If you need to use it again, you can place it on the magnet within seconds. The magnetic foot is mounted with two screws. With its accuracy of 0,02mm, it is reliable and matches the applications of our CNC-machines.

Since October 2005, our High-Z CNC systems are equipped as standard with a connector socket in the form of a jack plug socket under the emergency stop button for connecting a tool length sensor or 3D sensor. The controller software KinetiC-NC supports the tool length sensor most easily.

Zero point switch for manual or automatic tool change

The zero pint switch can be used for both variants of tool change: The automatic tool change with the additional tool changer and corresponding HF spindle. But it can also be used for the manual tool change with subsequent measurement up to 0.01 mm exact.

Short description of handling:

In order not to have to measure the cutting tool length manually after a tool change you can use the zero point key to automate this process. The offset between the touch point and the workpiece holder (milling table) is saved once and for all in the software.

All you have to do now is specify the workpiece thickness and let the machine carry out the measuring via the software with two “clicks” to automatically store the tool length and the zero point of the workpiece.

Time and money saved

The zero point switch is thus always a useful feature for your CNC application if you need to work with more than one tool. It makes your job easier and will save you time and money.

➤ This video shows how to install and use the zero point switch.

Tool Length Sensor – installation and applications EN