Zero point switch – button / Tool length sensor


Zero button Tool 100 Tool-length sensor

Zero button for automatic length measuring tools, cutters etc.

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Zero point Switch / tool length sensor IP65

Our Zero point switch differs from most belonging competitor offerings in design and durability.
Not only the fact that his entire all-aluminum housing potted and therefore fully complies with protection class IP65.

For information:

IP: Identification letters: Protection against contact and ingress of foreign bodies and water
6: First digit: Protection from dust.

Complete protection against contact, protection against ingress of dust.

5: Second digit: Protection against water jets.

Protection against water jets (nozzle) from any angle.

Additionally you the length probe is due to a special feature never around long in the way and is thus protected from dust and flying chips, since it can be supplied with its “magnetic disk” fix fix anywhere with one hand and remove them.
The “magnetic disk” can be mounted almost anywhere with two screws.

With its accuracy about 0.02 mm, it is completely reliable and precisely tailored to the applications with our CNC machines.
Our High-Z is standard equipment since 10.2005 connection jack in the form of a plug socket under the emergency stop button available for the connection of a length button or 3-D probe.
The Software WIN PCNC supports the key length in the simplest way.

Brief description of the handling:

In order for a manual tool change to not approach the hand over of the software the workpiece zero in Z must, you can use the Length button to automate this process.
Verrechnungsmaß between the touch point and workpiece holder (router table) is stored once in the software.
Now you need only specify the workpiece thickness and leave the measurement of the software with two “clicks” of the machine to perform in order to store the tool and workpiece zero can be automated.
The key length is thus always a useful feature for your application if you need to work with more than one tool a blank.