Milling brass

Traversing path
Type of application:2D milling
Used machine and accessories:High-Z S400, cutter
Used software:ConstruCAM 3D

Milling brass with a High-Z

Working with brass

Milling brass is no problem with our accurate CNC machines . With powerful brushless drive motors and the CNC control of the High-Z router equipped with the latest SMD technology, it can also deliver “clever” infeeds even when milling non-ferrous metals.

Examples of milling brass

Here we show you some pictures and videos from customers working with brass. The brass processing is relatively easy.  You can do without a minimum lubrication and cooling because brass is extremely “short chipping”

Copper and bronze behave differently

For other non-ferrous metals such as copper it is something different. Soft brass alloys are rather rare. Brass is a relatively brittle and short-span material. Copper, on the other hand, is extremely soft and thus the chippings clog the chip flutes milling with wrong tools.